Dear Experts i need your help - 30 days experiences

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  1. ilovesex

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    Hi, this what it is.
    I am wondering if this is the best timing for my nofap journey.
    Currently i am on day 20.
    So around the 23.05 i will reach my goal of 30 days.

    The thing is the days 24.05-25.05 are the most importants in my life!!
    So i want to be i the best physical and psycholical shape possible.

    So what is your experiences with two scenarious.
    1. I will just continue and live day 31. and 32. with a positive state and benefit from it
    2. or it will be the time where its possible that i get a down.

    if point 2 is possible what is the best way to handle it?
    3. i jerk of one day before and will be in normal state
    4. i will jerk of a few days before that and give myself 3 days to recover from that?

    It maybe sounds crazy but i wouldnt ask if it wouldnt be that important.
    Please no theoretical knowledge only if you lived that :)
  2. Hros

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    You may feel better by day 30 and you may feel worse, but neither is the point. Truthfully, there are ups and downs throughout the entire process and you have to learn to deal with those the right way, and not by drowning you despair/"rewarding" yourself with more PMO.
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  3. stoneyman22

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    You might want to continue without PMO for longer. In my experience a reset can quickly lead to a relapse and once you reset after 30 days it will end your streak and likely bring with it a tremendous loss of energy and stunt your progress on the reboot. I am also on a 30 day challenge and half-way through now. I do NOT plan to use PMO after 30 days but rather set a 90-day challenge after this if I am successful I will reward myself with something I haven't really decided on or figured out. Maybe just the joy of being alive and addiction free or maybe I'll eat a bunch of mushrooms etc.
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  4. ilovesex

    ilovesex Fapstronaut

    thats what i decided yo thanks :)
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  5. ilovesex

    ilovesex Fapstronaut

    sometimes just ask you inner voice.
    felt like risk on loosing energy after reseting is higher than having a down in the streak :)
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