1. Some_random_guy7062017

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    Hey guys
    I'm starting a journal because I want to keep track of my journey in nofap. I'm a 15 year old male. I relapsed tonight and Iafter that I decided to write this journal. My journey in nofap has been tough so far. I started this year I the longest streak I've been is 12 days.
    So I'm going to go over the events leading up to my relapse. I was lying in bed and listening to music ( after 4 days of nofap) when I got this urge to watch porn. I thought I could handle it and not masturbate but I did. Here I was in that same position of dread. The worst part about this was that I was so determined to reach my goals at the start but I failed.
    But the important lesson I can take from this is to avoid environments where I'm more likely to fap.
  2. JoePineapples

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    Good news, you've worked out one of your triggers, and how to address it. At 15 years old, if you can beat this thing, you'll be giving yourself a huge advantage over most of your peer group! Good luck.
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