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  1. Wow it's been years and years and years maybe about 11 since the last time I dated someone wait a minute about 2 years ago I stated talking to some lady I met in a different country no sex just friendship it looked like it was turning into something real but I decided not to continue with the relationship too much drama from her side now I do want to date more then ever so first chance I get I will ask any potential lady which I find to have some chemistry out I am not afraid but I feel so out of practice and to be honest my financial situation is really bad I can't afford a girlfriend I barely can pay my bills but ... I still can be her friend till I feel comfortable well just wanted to share that Dating!!!! Is something I'm not used to do but I have to get used to... things will get better.. and I will find that special one..
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    You dont need money to fuck girls its actually better that you dont because then the girls that you pull will like you for the person that you are
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    Well it depends on his personal frame. As I understand his post he looks for someone "special" to have a serious relationship with.
    Anyway I think he should date the max of girls in order to gave choice later. There are different courses he can find on the net : my preferred one is RSD max.
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  4. I am not really looking for that kind of relationships if I wanted to I can have sex with some of them see sex is not that hard to get but not looking for that kind I am looking for something more meaningful but thanks for the advice

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