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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Tankus, Apr 29, 2019.

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    Every single thing I've seen on this site has motivated me, I still have not been able to find fault with any of the messages he writes. Especially today's one regarding discipline. Also click the random daily message button up there at the top for some pick me ups. I set google chrome to to open this on load up and sometimes it really snaps me back to reality and what's important. I hope you guys find it helpful.

    "You can’t instantly make everything better. But you can quickly make one thing better, and then perhaps another thing, and another.

    You can’t make the whole world perfect. Yet you always can make real, specific, meaningful improvements.

    Even one small success is highly empowering. It establishes positive momentum, and gets you moving in a good direction.

    Decide to stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the difficulties and the negativity you encounter. Choose to do something about it.

    Just a small positive action can dramatically improve your attitude and your outlook. Even better, you can add another positive action, and build on it, and spread your beneficial attitude to others.

    Go ahead, get yourself to act, to do one little thing that makes life better. Feel how great it feels, and allow yourself to expand that great feeling as far as you can imagine.

    — Ralph Marston"
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    Great website thank you <3
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    Great idea, thanks for sharing
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