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    I can't believe it, every single time i try to remove PMO from my life it just gets worse. Like the relapse i face after falling off a challenge or an effort to abstain gets worse and worse. I seriously don't know what to do. My sleep is fucked, i sleep from 10am to 5 pm, i can't do what i really want to do and am fatigued by my actions most of the time. PMO's is ruining my life. I'm 21 with no job, still a student but i need work experience. I feel paralysed from social anxiety, i have no game, i have no friends. What can i do?? Advice would be appreciated...
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    No game?

    Buddy you should be focused on finding a job as soon as you are capable of to get some work experience. Stop thinking about "game". What game?

    Do you mean game like a "player" "plays"? One of the issues with PMO is it reduces human sexuality to a product so people then view sex as a "game".

    Real love and bonding is no longer involved when human sexual relations become viewed as a "game".

    You just need to reboot otherwise.

    Have you read the Getting Started pdf here?
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    Viewing yourself as a computer powered by floating jisthum isn't madness, its delerious. Puritanical 'tude was invented by English royal family to sap the force from studs of America.

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