1. Always be positive

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    People on semen retention talk all the same things like people on nofap, confidence, energy, woman attraction, but the only difference is that those on nofap say how you should not masturbate at all while those on semen retention are using masturbation as a tool to practice to last longer and have multiple orgasms, and how you should not fully O becouse it will drain your energy, can someone explain this?

    is that nofap is focused on brain recovery from addiction and when you edging it makes you think about porn more, but when you go 90 days and you are not addicted to porn anymore then you practice semen retention to last longer in bed and have multiple orgasms, is that the case?

    i am on nofap journey for months and my longest streak was 31 days and i want to know how it all works and what actually im doing all this time, becouse people on semen retention are giving totally opposite answer about M without O, i watched a lot of content about it and youtube videos and the more i try to find the truth the more its confusing becouse they are all giving totally opposite answers
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  2. Infrasapiens

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    Everyone here have different goals. There are those who believe in what I like to call "Semen magic" and others who still masturbate to exercise or other purposes than pleasure.
  3. Always be positive

    Always be positive Fapstronaut

    I want to say there are myths about nofap and this is one of the biggest, when people make long streaks and they get strong cravings and urges and fall out of control and they touch themselves or start edging and they come to this forum and ask did they messed up, what actually happened is that their brain is affected, but when it comes to benefits like confidence, energy and other they are not affected becouse those benefits comes from semen retention, and then they get answers yes you messed up and then they say "i messed up anyway" and they go to fully M and lose semen and they really mess themselves up

    I dont consider edging as a good thing, but from my logical view thats not harmful even 10% then losing semen, i felt much better when i didnt do that and i didnt lose energy or anyting, i want to say thats not mess up and keep going
  4. Berlin2019

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    From what i learned here and I think this is correct for me no M at all ! NEVER ! unfortunately i learned it in the hard way. You have plenty of opinions also here look for it in the forum until you will find the best way for you.

    I think that M is general is a negative thing and when you mind and body overcome it you will start to see the so called super powers. be confident it is not easy but the befnefits are worth it.

    overcoming what you described here bellow, will make you stronger in ways you don't even knew are existed :

    i'm PMO free for about 3.5 months and I expirenced a huge improvment in my life ! and i've a lot more to come. after understsanding and expirencing only a few of the benfits I won't stop and i'll do what ever i can to continue with semen retention.

    good luck

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