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  1. I feel sunk, I do not know what to do, this beginning of the year I thought about making big changes, like leaving bad habits, addictions, etc. but the beginning of the year started it motivated and lasted "Clean" about 3 months, but then I relapsed and now I'm here asking if I should wait for the next Monday, month, or even wait until the next year, I do not know when it should start if this month right now or 2019 shit, I feel like shit the thing is that I'm almost in mid-December and almost the end of the year to start a "Change". When should I start? What was your start date and your streak?
  2. Freddiefox

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    Welcome to the community. Read, learn and start making your plan.
    Start now, it gets you on the road sooner.
  3. Peter 2.0

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    Read all the information on the NoFap page.
    Read the forums and learn from it.
    Avoid porn, stimulating pictures and erotic thoughts.
    There is no "perfect moment".
    Set the counter!

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