Chronic Prostatitis due to frequent masturbation

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    Hey Guys,

    I just contracted so called chronic prostatitis because of frequent masturbation a year ago.
    Right now, I am trying to recover my body by not leaking any seamen out of body under any circumstances.
    I feel urination frequency and also sweating hot feelings flowing through my penis, sometimes urination passage is blocked and hard to start peeing.
    does anyone experience the condition like me ? normally people feel burning sensation, but for me it is juts warm or sweating hot feelings. just like blood blocked and stacked up,where the sweating hot feelings come from.
    Any effective medicine ? please help!!!!
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    I've never heard of this but I did recently get prescribed some antibiotics because my Dr thought my prostate had an infection. I felt like I always had to piss, when I did little came out. Id wake up in the middle of the night to piss, other things, I wonder if it was because of the pmo
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    First, make sure this isn't bacterial. Get your prostate fluid tested, especially if it could be an std. Get yourself into the care of a doctor.

    Secondly, if you have normal non bacterial prostatitis, or CPPS, then the following helps;
    1. Stretch your legs, low back and Pelvic floor muscles 2-3 times a day. Hold each stretch for a while, I do mine for 120-180 seconds, and focus on relaxed breathing
    2. Do diaphramic breathing throughout the day
    3. Relax. Do meditation, positive affirmations, journal or see a therapist.
    4. Learn to release your Pelvic floor muscles.
    5. Learn to relax on the toilet; use a squatting position, don't bring any distractions, keep an upright torso.
    6. Avoid trigger foods; for me, anything causing gas/bloating/constipation, plus all caffeinated things.
    7. Internal and external trigger point releases and massages.
    8. Know that you'll be okay, and you can get rid of the pain.
    I realize this is short. I was intending to pad it out, but that would take absolutely forever and involve plagiarizing books I've read on the subject for details and illustrations. SO, I'll recommend those instead;

    1. Headache in the Pelvis; by Wise and Anderson - This is the classic, but it's written in an annoying fashion, and often advertises overly expensive products and services.
    2. Heal Pelvic Pain by Amy Stein - This is for both sexes, so it's often lacking in specific help. It's also the old, but still it's very helpful if you have nothing else.
    3. Ending Male Pelvic Pain by Isa Herrera - This is an excellent resource, it's main issue is its overwhelming nature (so many technique). Full of detailed instructions for healing methods.
    4. Pelvic Pain - The Ultimate Cockblock by Susie Gronski - This is actually my favorite of the bunch. It's probably overpriced for how short it is, but it includes all the necessary information in a relatively compact manner. It only takes a few hours to read carefully, and is easy to implement.
    If I were to recommend one book, it would be #3, and the two I continually refer to are 3&4.

    All the books I've read recommend two things before you begin though: First, like I said, be carefully screened for bacterial prostatitis. Secondly, proper healing begins with those who take to caring for their pain upon themselves, and devote 1-2 hours A DAY to healing techniques.

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