Chakra meditations?

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    Hi everyone my thread here today is about meditating on Chakras while rebooting.

    (Short story)
    I have been meditating ever since 2017. After a while I got to know about Chakras and meditated more on them. 2017-2018 I was in a long lasting relationship that lasted a year and a half. After that I was in shock and pain because my relationship ended on Valentines day witch I really hate this day in age. After that I felt I had lost my heart but I felt as If I lost it a few several months over time...

    This year has really spiraled down as if I'm just loosing relationships and feeling envious, jealousy towards past friends who seem like they are having the time of their life on social media. To get to the point I have been meditating on my heart lately... But I just cant feel the love I once felt. Which leads me to my question if I should be starting with my Root instead or all other areas since my Sacral might be out of control right now with my habit as it's hard for me to enjoy my life.

    I work a full time job, exercise, weight lift, and still spend time with my family along with my sisters new born baby. I really want to change for him and my future. If anyone has any suggestions or tips please let me know...

    Thank you Nofap.
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    Hey man, I talk from Brazil and this is my eight day with NoFap.

    what I can tell you is that the price of resisting looks too much but it is not at all.

    Today I saw that a girl looked mr while I made exercises and, the greatest thing of it was that for the first time I didnt care about it, was a normal thing.

    Im my PMO days my mind used to sexualize every girl in the street, this is really great for me to not feel myself a pussyslave.

    Keep going and get your manliness back
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