Celebrating 1 week clean, asking serious advices for week 2

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by RamboErecto, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. RamboErecto

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    Hi there, this is ErectRambo, and this is my third time archiving a week clean, in months of recovery.

    Im a 30 y/o heavy user (since 12), used to masturbate multiple times during multiple hours. PIED fapstronaut.

    So im very happy to reach this point again. But most of the time i will failure at this point. Never reached even 10 days before and i want this to happen. I want to make it trough the entire week 2.

    When i get circumcised at the age of 19 i go a week and a half without PMO (but edging A LOT, you know what a LOT is?)

    Then, i can say that my all time record is around 9 days. 14 days will be like a dream to me, THAT IS SOMETHING THAT I NEVER DID.

    Please, the experienced fapstronauts give me some advices for week 2. Also tell me what can i expect from this stage.

    Thank you very much, I never would have started if this place was not here.

  2. NamaClature14

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    Well I've been here about 5 years now and started where you did. Failed so many times I cant even count but I kept getting back up and rebooting eachtime. But I mention that because through out all those reboots every single time, without fail, week 2 is always the hardest to get through.

    LISTEN TO ME. You need to get exercise if your gonna make it and you need to stay away from things that lower your ability to critically think. Booze, fast food, drugs, too much TV.

    How badly do you want this? Because I'm telling you if you get past 2 weeks the next big challenge is usually 1 month and then 90 days. You can do this but do not fear it.
    Say this to yourself. 'porn is not an option anymore, because it's not who I am anymore.'
    It doesnt matter what day it is. Each day you wakeup, look in the mirror and say it. Say it over and over and over. Say it until you believe it. PORN is not an OPTION anymore. I'm done with it.

    Fuck streaks, turn it into a lifestyle.
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  3. RedeemedIowan

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    Have you talked to friends or family about this? Accountability is the best defense against backsliding. Prayer was key for me. Have you been to any group meetings? Have you read any books on the subject.
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    ey rambo sos argento

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