Cant stop thoughts

Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by Lively gr of yesterday, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Lively gr of yesterday

    Lively gr of yesterday Fapstronaut

    Hello guyz
    I cant just stop the thoughts it keeps on coming again n again more i try to keep them away they come back with even i dont know what to do
    I tried exercising /running but cant cause im a asthma patient so it becomes really difficult
    Please help
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  2. SirErnest

    SirErnest Fapstronaut

    This is normal. Keep reading posts on here and you will learn new tricks slowly.
    An addiction needs to be replaced with other things, so exercise and other things is a good thing. Use your inhaler before exercise and you will find your lungs and body slowly getting stronger, plus try something like yoga.
    You have started..well done.
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  3. Lively gr of yesterday

    Lively gr of yesterday Fapstronaut

    thank you will try the same
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  4. Freedom_lover

    Freedom_lover Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Maybe focusing your mind on a new hobby helps. Something new for you, that you have never done but that's of your interest. Gardening, baking, drawing, learning a new language, etcetera.

    You'll also need a lot of discipline and self-control to be able to stop those thoughts. At the beginning it will be difficult, but with time and practice you'll be able to master them :)

    I wish you much success in your recovery ;)
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  5. Lively gr of yesterday

    Lively gr of yesterday Fapstronaut

    i know but i know only hobby i have is reading
    it always end up having something erotic which makes me break my streak like now i ending up m as i was reading dont know how do i do it
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  6. Mordobarn

    Mordobarn Fapstronaut

    When you fight a thought, it fights right back.


    As an experiment, don't fight the thoughts.


    Take a deep breath and relax.
    Sit quietly, eyes closed, feet on the floor.
    Observe the thoughts — as though you were a scientist, impartial, curious, non-judgemental.
    (That non-judgemental bit is vital. Don't judge. Never judge.)

    Then, ask yourself, "What's really going on?"
    "What are the thoughts trying to distract me from?"
    "What feelings am I avoiding?"

    Now, ask yourself, "How could I deal with these feelings?"
    "What could I do instead of PMO that would be helpful?"
    (There'll be a thousand possible answers, so feel free to be creative, to experiment, and to change your mind as often as you like!)

    It's a process, and you most likely won't get good answers straight away. But persist daily, and keep posting when you need help.

    If you have a real-life friend who won't judge you and will keep your confidences, maybe you could confide in them? But such friends are hard to find.

    You can also join a meditation group. Meditation doesn't work for everyone, but who knows — it might work for you!
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  7. Mmdcroft

    Mmdcroft Fapstronaut

    Actually you are doing it wrong
    You can not forget a thing by trying to forgetting it
    When you try to don't think about something you are actually thinking about it
    Best way is letting go or replacing your thoughts
    You say you like to read, I recommend reading " lord of the rings" books it's world is large and there's too many characters in it with all the stories

    These thoughts that coming to your mind they do not own you, you control them you are the boss don't ever let your mind rule you
    I wish for you for me for everyone to master their own minds and have full control over anything in themselves
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  8. Lively gr of yesterday

    Lively gr of yesterday Fapstronaut

    thanks alot i will try the same
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  9. Lively gr of yesterday

    Lively gr of yesterday Fapstronaut

    yup well i do have one friend but im not able to contact her for 2-3days but will definately confide in her thanks alot
  10. GhostWriter

    GhostWriter Fapstronaut

    I've stumbled across you several times here. You're bouncing all over the place posting messages. And that's good. Are you finding everything you need? If not, just ask for what you need. There are lots of people here to help you. I do know of a few young ladies recently that were looking for an AP. You can always tag anyone of them in any message using the "@" symbol in front of their Username, and they will be notified you have tagged them. If you don't know who they are, just ask, and I'll tag them myself. If you can't find one, talk to me, and I will help you find one that is age appropriate and female. @Kenzi & @AnonymousAnnaXOXO are very resourceful and adept at providing information and resources. Again, if it is help that you seek, all you have to do is ask, and it will be given you.
  11. Lively gr of yesterday

    Lively gr of yesterday Fapstronaut

    thank alot i definately seek help of needed and yes as till now it is really helpfull

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