Bouts of depression while rebooting?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by in_charge, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. in_charge

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    Hey fapstronauts,

    Are bouts of depression common while you're trying to reboot?

    I'm a positive and optimistic guy. I'm usually very self motivated and have a number of interests and side projects going on on the side. Obviously, reaching my nofap goal is a big deal to me and I count it as one of my projects.

    I've been feeling a little low lately. Just wanting to sleep, not motivated to get up and go out. Things that usually interest me can't seem to hold my attention. Is this common? Does this have to do with my nofap commitment or something else? And if this is related to my nofap commitment, does it get worse?

    Advice and comments from veterans are appreciated.


    In Charge
  2. Cute Hipster

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    Headaches and Depression is Common During Reboot ... so don'T worry about it all of us faced this at some point.. its just Temporary you will be ok
  3. Z Dog

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    Yes very common.

    Emotions become tied to compulsion. Take away the compulsion and you get the unpleasant emotions raw.

    For some it can be the first time these emotions have been given a chance to air themselves.

    Depends on the person.

    For me withdrawal has been an emotionally painful process with periods of depression mixed in.

    Got to continue in order to grow emotionally so that a relapse becomes less likely. People only ever relapse because they can't deal with their emotions. It might seem like craving, but underneath craving is always a feeling that we want to be away from.

    The only answer is to honour your feelings when they come- however painful they are. If you can speak to someone, it can help. But if you are anything like me, trusting people is a big issue so I tend to suffer it alone, which is probably prolonging my emotional withdrawal.
  4. Can certainly relate to this. Confronting the reality of what you're feeling is sometimes more scary than the things or people that may contribute to it. But, if you can confront it, you can beat it. F**ked if I'm hiding anymore. Good luck on your journey.
  5. feo1966

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    I also think it has to do with a bit of a dopamine drop.
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  6. nofapcochin

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    ya dopamine drop can explain it. Also when I felt depressed , it may have because that I previously used to fill my free time or avoid making decision by watchin porn. When I stopped watchin porn there was a huge void i was not able to fill. and tht may have led to me being depressed. But wht u ned to understand is tht u shd not make ur life abt quitting porn , felling happy and relapsin again. It shd be about making ur life all full with activities and tht inturn will make u leave porn . Hope tht made sense.

    stay strong.
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  7. in_charge

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    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    I'm trying to busy myself in personal projects. I don't have a lot of people I feel comfortable talking about this with. I find journaling about the experience helps.

    @nofapcochin I agree with what you said. It's not about stopping the PMO cycle. It's about filling your time with all the other things you've wanted to do over watching porn.

    Thanks again,

    In Charge

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