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  1. The alpha male is seen as a good idea of a sexy attractive man and it is. Submissive girls will easily fall for that kind of guy. Charismatic, outgoing, and assertive.

    But I find myself to be the beta male type with a youth like idealism. It's like I want to do what I feel like doing and fuck stereotypes. It turns out that the dominant girls turn their heads towards me.

    I feel like both types are equally valuable. Men and women both exist as alphas and betas. So I'd say don't worry if you find in your recovery that you're not that popular idea of alpha. You just have a different way of doing life that's more beta like me.

    And the talkative girls may take notice. Curious about your individuality and calmness.;)
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  2. Moogie

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    You don't have to be good looking to be a alpha male.
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  3. True that. Gotta love yourself.
  4. MrCAllen301986

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    I personally don't even trip over that whole alpha and beta male argument. It's just a waste of time in my opinion. Plus, I think when you do that, you start comparing yourself to other guys who might think are better than you, because they get all of the female attention, which isn't a good idea to do. Just focus on yourself and bettering yourself, and you want be worrying about that alpha male crap.
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    I also study dog behavioral psych as a hobby and the basic pack mentality in the human race is so similar to well balanced dogs. It's why dogs love us so much. When a human learns how dogs communicate we become the ultimate leaders in their brains.

    With dogs, the leader is most often the one that seems to know where he is going. Even though he doesn't...he's a dog. The fact that he's not afraid to go it alone makes him a leader. The others assume he knows where he's going and they follow. It's less to do with size and look and more about attitude and drive. That's true for us too.
    Natural human leaders will accumulate followers whether they want to or not. We're all always seeking answers to life's questions and when someone a bit more "enlightened" or at least has a direction, he is a leader. Not necessarily a dominant leader or aggressive leader but a leader. I've always followed the calm type of leaders because they are usually the most genuine. A while back I realized I had followers too. That was scary at first because I thought "I don't know where I'm going, I'm deeply flawed, I'm just trying to figure it out".
    When I realized nobody knows where they're going, and nobody has the answers, I took responsibility for my " talent(?)" and I started not being ashamed of being a natural leader of life because I have the abilities to help, comfort, and motivate people. Look within and behind you. You might be more of a leader of humans then you think!
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  6. Ditch that alpha, beta crap. Screw those labels and definitions people put on each other. Be the best version of yourself that you can be and work on improving yourself. If people want to define you as a beta that's their problem, let them have fun with it. If you are submissive male there will be plenty of dominant females out there who will like you. Behave whatever way makes you happy.

    Everybody striving to be like somebody else in one way or another but not so many is working to find their own true authenticity. If you ask me whether I think I'm alpha or beta I personally define my as zeta. When I have to pick between 1 and 2 I pick 3. Which to me means, "I don't want any of your silly definitions I just wanna be me".

    You don't have to be alpha, you just have to be YOU.
  7. Not saying you have to try to fit a category. I think that if there's an alpha to beta spectrum I'm far into the beta zone in my natural state.
  8. Well that's the thing, there is no alpha or beta spectrum. It's all made of stuff. It doesn't exist. They exist only in our mind. How other people subjectively choose to define life does not have to be your reality, if you don't want to. I know I don't want to...

    I'm not saying that you HAVE to not fit in category either. I'm against that tho. But what I'm saying is that in the end of a day it's important that You be You and embrace You. Even if it's in beta spectrum. The problem is that we are trained to see those things as one more favorable over another. Which makes us feel like we are less that we should be, or more than somebody else, and makes us strive for some kind of artificially crated ideal to feel better about ourselves.

    I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm disagreeing with idea that there even is such thing as alpha or beta. But I am agreeing with you on other than that. And I think it's wonderful that you are feeling this way and are doing what YOU wanna do despite social stereotypes. All the power to you!
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    So true. It's such a devastating cycle. We are all person A, but want to become B. And as soon as we reach B, we grow bored and want to become C. So on a so forth. It all stems from not being able to enjoy the present moment, what is already true. It's a perpetual loop of dissatisfaction.

    The paradoxical thing about self improvement is that the more you want to become a better person, the more time you can spend unproductively dwelling on your own inadequacies and achieve less as a result. I find myself evolving more as a person only when I let go of the self improvement thought process; if I stop worrying, it just sort of happens naturally, you know? Just by being authentic. We waste so much time telling ourselves "I'm going to go to the gym / art class / write a novel" and then waste even /more/ time beating ourselves up when we inevitably fall from these lofty goals we set ourselves.

    And I certainly wouldn't worry about being an alpha male, whatever that even is. Shugi gives good advice; just be yourself and build from that.
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  10. Gabriel1960

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    There is something to be said for self knowledge and self understanding.
    I always believed that I was a Beta male. My father bullied me mercilessly, and I learned to cope by always giving in.
    Then I discovered in my late 40's, that I, like Edsel Ford (Henry Ford's son) had always been an alpha male and didn't know it/suppressed it. Knowing who I am prevents me from making bad life decisions, like working for the wrong employer, or marrying the wrong person. It also helps explain why I was so dissatisfied in many of my past relationships.
    The facts are that Edsel Ford (the son of Henry Ford) did more for Ford Motor Company than Henry Ford ever did. But Edsel was so terribly emasculated by his alpha father Henry, that no one was ever able to see Edsel's capabilities, until after Henry finally booted. Alpha Henry getting out of the way, enabled his alpha son Edsel to truly shine. Had Edsel not recognized his own talents for what they truly were, Ford Motor Company would not be in business today.
    If I know that I'm an alpha male, then I won't accidently marry an alpha female, even if I'm very attracted to her. An alpha marrying an alpha is destined to end in divorce. That's my two cents.

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  11. Gladiatori

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    I am with you guys on that alpha beta non sense! I'm happy more people agree with me on this! You gotta get out of this sociopathic PUA mentality man.. People are beautiful, not alpha or beta categorized power supplies! You must know too that we are mutable; depending on situation, you may lead or follow.

    SO THEN TELL ME THIS! When Odysseus King of Ithica submitted to King Agamemnon for the siege of troy was he an alpha or was he a beta???? That'l bake your noodle for a while!
  12. Gladiatori

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    Hey... Jesus was a holy man and guess what. HE was the OMEGA MALE!!! HOO RA!
  13. Knight Solaire

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    I haven't read much of this thread, but I just want to say why? Why are people so ignorant that they believe this made up bullshit of an excuse to abuse the weak? All this is is some asshole got together with other assholes and said "hey, we are better than these guys at some things, this makes us the alphas and them betas."

    No! You ignorant sonsabitches! (To no person in particular) This is the way things are. Some people are good at stuff and some aren't. Stop fucking spreading this ridiculous shit around the forums. Abstaining makes you no more of a man if you are still an asshole. Treating women like objects makes you less of a man in fact. Using women for sex makes you less of a man. Being an asshole to people because you are an egotistical narssasist makes you less than a man.
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    @Knight Solaire
    YEAH Thank you Solaire!
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  15. Ray Breslin

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    Personally, i find this Alpha,Beta or Omega stuff total BS. Why categorize yourself as anyone of it? I'm pretty there are tonnes of situation which one does not encounter commonly where an "Alpha" male will become a kitten and the "Beta" a lion,or even what people may consider as one of the "weakest" rising up in that situation and kicking ass. No need to limit yourself or anyone you know within these thin constructs. Humans are not like wolves,even though we are animals but with all due respect to all animal species, i believe we have moved beyond that "pack" mentality ages ago (Its not that i consider humans superior or any of that, i believe all species are equal and important). We're people. Each one of is individual and unique in our own ways. You are infinite. ;)

    IMO,all this stuff is only applicable if you think a lot about how other people think about you.
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  16. Red Eagle

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    I think the big problem with the alpha/beta crap is that we look at individuals and not the human species as a whole. Humans come in all different personalities and certain personalities are much more common than others. Some personality types are supposed to reproduce more often because the human species consists to a large part of those certain personalities. Some personalities are rarer and are supposed to be just a small part of the population, hence them reproducing less often or how we like to call it: "being a beta male". But that doesn't mean they are worthless and don't play their part in keeping the species alive. Nature doesn't care about human individuals but about the species as a whole and all people have to play their part and for some this might be reproducing more often than others.
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  17. Physicist

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    "Alpha" only means you have certain behaviours that trigger an emotional response in some women (not all). Anyone learn to develop these behaviours.

    You aren't doomed to one or the other. I have seen many people switch between the two from time to time.
  18. kevinkevin19

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    I used to want to be an Alpha male. But now I don't anymore. I just do my own thing. Besides I'm not attracted to most types of women so I don't need to be a super attractive guy.
  19. Physicist

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    I would suggest otherwise. You don't have to be "alpha" but to say "I'm not attracted to most types of women so I don't need to be a super attractive guy" is a false dichotomy.

    With a mindset like that you are inevitably missing out on women who you will be attracted to but they won't be attracted back to you. If you were attracted to most women, you have your pick of the pot, otherwise saying you don't want to be a super attractive will only limit your options even further.

    You don't have to sleep with every women who is attracted to you.
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  20. himmelstoss

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    You try to man up and everybody around you tries to drag you back down. Can't trust my own family even

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