Being asked about my love life is the worst

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by superstorm250, May 21, 2019.

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    I would also prefer not to share this information with anyone else. Not only because of gossipers, but because it's a matter of privacy. No one else is to be concerned with these things. It's rude, but people love this kind of information. We must expect people to try to violate our privacy with clever tricks. They will provoke or even act as if they were our personal shrinks whom we can trust with everything. Let's not be fooled.

    The thing is that, as teenagers and young adults, we feel as if our life is being broadcasted on TV and at the New York Timesquare. The truth is that few people actually care, and those who do simply cannot know the truth. Only close friends who spend a lot of time with you could suspect you of being single since you never mention a woman in your life. However, close friends are not to judge you.

    Then let's also consider how important it really is what others think of us. Most peoples' judgement is clouded anyway - just look at how many nutjobs roam freely in our society. Not going to elaborate further, but you know what I mean. You are lost if you expect these people to tell you what you are worth. They should not have any authority.
    Besides, people are becoming more accepting of different lifestyles, especially the single lifestyle, being popular among unmarried Christians, careerists and MGTOWs, just to name a few groups.

    It's the sad reality that some snobbish people judge you by your relationship status. I have a girlfriend, and yet I feel uncomfortable to answer the feared question about my realtionship status. How rude, would you feel different about me if I had no girl? - is what I think when asked.
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    Already 27 no gf experience nor sex

    My friend sometime mocks me as a gay

    My coworkers often ask abbout love life too

    Family member begin to ask when im married

    I count only 1 and that is my best friend who didnt want to ask abbout love life he respect me so much. Im glad to have that best friend
  3. at least you had sex. im 24 and hadnt done any of that. but most guys i know are virgins too, its the norm nowdays
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    I disagree- just about everyone I know has relationship experience.
  5. maybe you only interact with the minority of men who have. some people live in a bubble
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    Actually, most of the men AND women I know have relationship experience.
  7. that doesnt disporve my again

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