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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by MASTER MONK, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. The robot has relapsed 8 days short from the Brigadier rank. Back to day 0. It was an emotional system malfunction. I have visited a mechanic and have been repaired though. Gonna check back in 150 days from now to claim my Brigadier rank! :cool:

    All the best to you guys!
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    You are doing great... You will face a lot of hurdles at times you will almost relapse but if you fight through it and manage at least 30 days ... I I promise you it will be worth it.
    You have NoFap community you have panic button ... You have willpower... Do whatever it takes but don't fail
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    Sad to hear this.... You Can stay strong and rise back stronger...
    Can you tell me how we can relapse after post 90 days so that i can avoid it in my journey... And what are your tips for a post 90 day soldier
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    I am going to be a major in 13 days!!!!. Wow Monk Major
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    Just added this to my signature @MASTER MONK . Fun idea! I am signing up at the rank of "2nd Lieutenant"
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  10. Well, my trigger was loneliness. Little bit more details here -
    Mindfulness meditation! Learn to get comfortable with uncomfortable feelings. I did stopped meditating, stopped my mindfulness practice. Maybe if I would not have I would not have relapsed...
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    Sad to see everyone in the old gang has relapsed
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    day 0 - revision now, I have 1.75 hrs if I begin now which is a lot. Let me start and get off this cya.
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    you're still going :) and I'm sure everyone will go even stronger and smarter.
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    i will become transcendent. repeat every day and night.
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    read instructions
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    day 0 complete - long hard day coz of a weird thing that happened. I have time to revise until fajr around 3hrs I slept earlier.
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    day 71...2 more days passed off successfully
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    Day 1! Believe in yourself!

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