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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by GA93JDeereboy, Dec 12, 2018.

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    Literally the exact same as me, age and all. if it helps i dont really feel bad unless i overthink but it was probably something our younger selves NEEDED to do, will chalk it up as a horny young boy doing horny young boy things
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    I visited UK last year. Because of my PM I fantasizing on being with escort. I browse the site and choose a girl. However when I meet her, she was far different from the pic. I didnt have sex with her. Thankfully not because if I did it perhaps I will contracted some kind of STD.

    I can relate with all of the story, especially about the girl only want money. Thankfully God still save me.
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    I caught gonnorhea from a prostitute. It was very unpleasant. Never again.
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    Fascinating thread. I found it curious that we want to not visit escorts and we try to use fear to stop us. I have a old dear friend who worked with the public health ngo organizations in Africa when aids was at its peak there. Even today men refuse to wear condoms as it has a stigma attached to it. Men get infected and then pass their std on to unwilling women because of a culture that is using fear to control humanity. Whether that is fear to prevent sex or anything else it simply does not work long term. It’s damaging to the psyche. I feel badly for the young kids who say “I’ll never get an escort because it’s scary.”

    Here in the us we had the “war on drugs” and in its effort to overcome the epidemic. We got a mass tv campaign to scare kids (that was their intended target audience) in the effects of drugs. The war continued. It didn’t do anything. So with aids and drugs in mind , I do not wish to scare Anyone because it simply is not as effective a deterrent as love.

    Love your body. Inspect who you are. Enjoy your self. Your gifts to your family or partners.

    As for escort stories I have so many I could write a new story probably every day for a month lol.

    I will share that if escorts were always scary people would quickly stop visiting them.

    This story takes place in Mexico. I travel Intl a lot and it’s so much fun. But while I was under influence of pmo I have spent thousands of dollars made connections and tried lots of crazy things.

    Ok this story happens where I was walking back to my hotel after getting dinner. I got a little lost and it was 9:30 pm, already dark in Mexico City. Contrary to what you have heard —-it isn’t dangerous at all. The city had shut down most of the brothels so the girls went underground, online or on the street. So I was walking back to my hotel and was on “insurgentes.” And across the street I started to see the hottest girls I had ever seen. Wearing costumes , short skirts etc. I decided to cross the street to get a better look.

    The ladies started cat calling to me. I was unprepared for that. I didn’t know what to do except keep walking.
    One girl called me chocolate which I kinda liked. So I turned around, and asked her in Spanish what she needed. Of course she did the usual “hola papi” routine. And while it was hot , not until I got close did I realize she was not a she.

    And here I had a strong dilemma. Something I had seen in pmo but never in person was now at my grasp. I turned to leave and had to pass another 39 of these... before getting to my hotel. When I got there I befriended the bartender and we decided to go out. I was thinking this was a “safer bet.” But I ended up spending ssoooo much money on his drinks cause I was the American. I hated that. We ended up at a strip bar anyways. And the girl who sat with us charged so much to just drink and talk Making me more pissed. The guy when he got drunk started telling me who he really was. He started to reveal he was part of the violent cartel. His uncle was someone important. He started mouthing off to the club staff. I started to get nervous because he was gonna pop off and get both of us in trouble. Then he told me a story about the first time he tortured someone. He said it was a soplón “snitch.” This guy describes in graphic how they cut off the guys tongue after torturing him and how blood spewed out 4 feet. He told me how that was his first kill and how he threw up immediately after. I went pale. I was like fuck. I need to ditch this fucker now.

    I would have been better off by myself. The girl who was with me was Venezuelan and I wanted to protect her too. The guy started saying he had to hide because of how important he supposedly was and how the other cartel has been looking for him until the capitan (uncle) sent him in hiding to Mexico City.

    Meanwhile I’m so fucking sober after hearing this bastards tequila confession I was really freaking out bc I had no more money.

    I told the Mgr to give me bill and I would need to walk to the atm. They went with me and I paid and never went back. The girl who was with me invited me to hang out with her family the following day. They were so sweet , they were selling empanadas in the street. They had NO idea their sweet 5-11” daughter was a escort. And in this example my bad experience was not getting with her on the clock.

    I probably will always stand up for escorts because it takes two for it to exist— and in a weird morally Christian way because escorts can be a victim or ensnared by so many socio económic as anyone else. I have tried to help many many but I see that I have a way to go to remove this element out of my life.

    I loved the idea of going public. Here in the us there’s very little exposure. I’m not afraid of sharing.
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    Well I see this thread is back up. Any others?
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    I thought we could only do one per thread lol. ??
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    I was only really with one escort. She told me to hurry up after five minutes so it was basicaly lame for 400$ or whatever I spent.
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    Wow. I’m sorry man those are the worst.

    I have never spent that much for so little gasp.
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    Well, at least that puts him off of it. It really isn't worth it.
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    Honestly it’s easier when it’s so expensive.

    I have done it for Farrrrrr less. And you can get soooo much for less. It just depends.

    When it’s cheap it’s much harder you have to resist with a different set of goals. I find anyway.
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    well i wasnt completly honest. I found crack hos to be the best really, sad no more for me i can tell you.
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    Lol!! Ok you got my curiosity. If you are being serious (this time) where the heck do you find them ??
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    99 per cent sexual have been with escorts. Sadly went amsterdam to it. Sic of my self with how I treat my own sexuality. Just want to get a girl based on my looks and mind.
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    My God... so sad... :emoji_cold_sweat::emoji_cold_sweat::emoji_cold_sweat:
    I hope she have better life...

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