Anyone think technology causes or at least contributes to anxiety?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Kman20, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Kman20

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    I feel like when I skim mindlessly through media I feel a little anxious and less relaxed? As opposed to when I sit down and take the time to read a long passage or something that really requires a substantial amount of concentration time. Instead of having our focus jumping around literally every second or two focusing on things for longer bits of time could help the mind slow down and become less anxious. Anyways this is just a theory of mine. This is comprehensively explained in the book "The Shallows" but I do not know if there was any mention of anxiety in that book as I haven't gotten around to reading it myself. Just curious as to what other people think of this? Do you feel more anxious when you habitual skim through the internet most of your day? And how do you feel after spending the day slowing down your mind by reading a book or a long passage on the internet?
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  2. Kurapika95

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  3. im_broken

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    Yes I absolutely feel this way, i try to be present as much as possible when browsing but it's still not the same as reading a book. Maybe I'll get there one day
  4. Triton.Supreme

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    I can tell you I went for a 10 day retreat without phones, tv, books, or anything. Only material objects used were for hygiene and clothes. Also you couldn't talk or interact with anyone. Food was served twice a day, and 11 hours meditation daily.

    I suffered so hard. But good God did it cleanse my head. I found peace and beauty in everything for a couple of weeks after. Then technology and other stimulus entered my life again and I returned to being needy and restless...
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  5. user10111

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    Wanna try 10 days without Internet too..
  6. ApprenticeInWar

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    Wow! That sounds awesome. I want to experience at least 1 day without any technology stuff, it's in my Bucket list :D
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  7. Kman20

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    We should definitely try it. I think I went a week or so heavily limiting my technology use. Even only allowed myself to watch one episode of my favorite show a day. The rest of the day I literally spent it staring at my ceiling and occasionally reading. Whether my mind felt clearer I can not remember. But I can definitely say I feel pretty shitty and unfulfilled after mindlessly browsing the internet and youtube all day.

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