Any tips on consistency and discipline

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by quantumd, May 4, 2019.

  1. quantumd

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    I lack consistency and discipline in all faucets of life. To cite an example, I joined Yoga class, following it for maybe a week and then I kind of miss the rest of those. Likewise, for any kind of activities, I tend to start and move a little bit , thereafter I dont go to the finish line. Consistency and Discipline is lacking from my part. Any tips.
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    It's hard. Don't beat yourself up about everything you fail on. One tip that sometimes works for me is to remind myself that although it is hard to get out of bed and go to early morning yoga I always feel great afterwards and proud of myself for going.

    I know @Jagliana watches and listens to lots of podcasts about self improvement, she often summarises them in her journal posts, you could try there too (go for the more recent posts).
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  3. quantumd

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  4. SuckMyKiss

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    "One day or day one"
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    You wanna know a truth ? It is hard to be disciplined. But every winner and victorious person know that feeling. The urge to quit! But trust me... A special and personal mind-set helped me to beat my depression once and for all... my addiction is taking those punches day by day! I started with 0% myself! Become something treating for your addiction. Get up early enough to make your training, take a cold/normal shower every day for 15 days! It doesnt matter if you fap go on.... even if you fap go on doing your work. Become a unstoppable power that is throwing those punches right at your addiction! You fap ?! So what! Go on shooting those punches! Your addiction must tank those punches or it will go down. You know how it is to be afraid and feel the pain! Your addiction can't stop you with that anymore. Yes it will be hard! Yes it will hurt! But you must do this for your future that is waiting for you to begin with a full filled life! GO ON!!!!
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  6. elevate

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    Consistency / discipline / competence / confidence... all these things people want tips / strategies / motivation / advice on how to attain as if there were shortcuts.

    They are all things that you need to work for and develop. It's not going to feel good in the beginning. You'll feel insecure and incompetent. You'll feel uncomfortable, frustrated, and uncertain. It's going to be delayed gratification (very delayed if you've built a life of instant gratification escapism). Eventually you gain competence, confidence, and more courage to challenge other obstacles. That's the process.

    There's no shortcuts. Looking for shortcuts and ways out is the reason people become addicted to forms of escapism like PMO.

    You're going to feel like shit.

    It's hard.

    Go back to the easy world of PMO if you can't handle it, but if you want to develop a better reality and a better self then work for it.
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  7. DekuHope

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    Exactly escapism is a huge problem! Fight back!
  8. quantumd

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    Well I am not looking for instant gratification .I was just looking for a pattern or maybe a method to follow, I was thinking I made a mistake in my game . I do start the work, but the problem is somehow I just cant maintain that throughout .Sometimes I wonder whether you are doing the right way . You need to know what your mistakes are inorder to rectify. So I was looking for a solution to identify if there is something I m doing wrong or its just willpower.

    And btw failure is not something that's new to me nor I am afraid of.
  9. elevate

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    Let's take the example of that yoga class you joined.

    At the beginning it's something new and exciting.

    Eventually it becomes work, gets difficult, and maybe you lose interest.

    You have to focus on something more important than the not so fun obstacles and challenges. The pain, problems, and negative experiences that yoga presents has to be worth going through to get to where you want to go. You have to be able to enjoy solving those problems and growing as a person within it.

    If you can't find the reason that gets you through the adversity, then it's probably not worth doing.

    For example, in this community we have a problem with porn addiction. Porn is easy, certain, and instant gratification. Why would we choose to leave something that feels so good? Why would we leave it for the difficult and uncertain reality that most of the time makes us feel bad? There has to be a reason for you to want to experience short term negative experiences to get to delayed gratification.

    Willpower / motivation runs out. You need a reason to keep going when it does run out and do the thing even if you don't feel like doing it.
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  10. quantumd

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    Agreed. Some kind of realistic goal to achieve and motivated to go the extra mile and not to drop out and succumb to it. It's kind of being abstinent from porn during the initial stages of PMO is easy, but once you cross a point and feel the urge to PMO , being resilient and overcoming that will be an herculean task.

    I have been trying to do a 30 day streak and the highest I was able to was 14 days.
  11. delhiboy

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    True words
  12. saurabgangul

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    Once I am happy I leave my good habits not realizing that my good habits are the reason for Me being happy. So after multiple failures I can say that don't ever celebrate early.
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  13. pfb2019

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    So many people say it's so much easier at home than it is in the real world. Well, for me, it's the same -- both 'home' and 'real world.' It's what I call having a 'blank mind.' I am so frustrated about not being able to think of things to say at ALL times. Has anyone gone through that or knows someone with these similar thoughts? Anyone? Anyone?

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