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  1. It's interesting that you experience more anxiety because of being on NoFap. Being someone that has chronic anxiety, the main reason why I started NoFap was to reduce my anxiety because every time I go on a streak, my anxiety is significantly reduced.

    Here's a few things I might recommend to you, being someone who has dealt with severe anxiety:
    • Remember to breath! When your anxious, you have a tendency to breath shallow, and that actually makes it worse.
    • Avoid caffeine! I know for some it can be hard (including me!) but it works.
    • Use mindfulness meditation to your advantage! It's a great tool.
    • Get plenty of sleep. A lack of sleep can be a huge contributor to anxiety.
    Also keep in mind that because this started because of your NoFap streak, it's pretty likely that your system just needs time to sort of reset after all this time on PMO. Just give it time.

    I hope this helps! Good luck to you!
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    Stay away from alcohol too. The next day can be a killer for anxiety.
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  3. Ok.. read the book “DARE” by Barry McDonagh. It’s absolute magic
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    Ya I definitely get this as well. But let's stay strong this time will pass

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