Android/PC Apps that force PMO free days.

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Can you live few days without your Internet Browser?

  1. Yes, if it will help me.

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  2. No, I am dependent on it.

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    >>>Not recommended to rely on any apps every day, use this only if you are resetting in 1-2 days<<<,


    Our exams are near. There's something I would like to share, I only use it when exams are near. Not recommended every time. Well, in which time of day your urge is at its peak? This is what I use as a last resort if everything fails. I use this only when exams are near.

    1) Install the app name "Offtime" (Free version from play store or pro version from outside or buy it)

    2) Configure the app
    I.e it's an android application which forces a distraction-free environment. How does it work? Well Once you turned this app on, you will only able to use apps that are kept in the whitelist and basic feature like phone and SMS will work,

    3) Put all important apps like PDF reader, video player, WhatsApp, Books, E-mail etc in the whitelist. Don't add any browser or anything which can lead you to PMO. Don't add phone setting too or you will end up uninstalling it, give the app all permission and make it device administrator from the setting (For hard to uninstall)

    4) Set the action for a manual stop to "wait", i.e. you need to wait till the specified time to use your apps, manual stop not possible

    5) You can turn on manually too but auto mode from schedule will be best. Set the schedule when you feel the high urge. For example, if I set it from 9 AM to 4 PM, Your phone will become a mere classic phone in that time period which can only take phone calls and other basic apps like email and WhatsApp and pdf reader etc.

    Q) Now, what if you use PC/Laptop?
    -There's a software called COLD TURKEY for pc whose concept is exactly similar to Offtime. It's a paid app but the patch will be easily found outside.

    Q) What if your offtime is on, and you need to use the browser for some productive cause like finding a topic for the exam?
    - There's an android app named "Safe browser" by kiddoware. Put only this browser to whitelist, No matter what this browser only loads PMO free websites. I use it for googling something if my offtime is on.

    During my last exams, I set the schedule as 6 AM to 5 AM from MON to SAT, i.e It was impossible for me to use my phone for PMO. It was only available on SUN.
    My exams are starting in 10 days, Best of luck to everyone.

    My PC Os is "Window 10"
    MY Phone Os is "Android 6.0"
    It works fine here.
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