Always retracted foreskin, underwear and their effects on NoFap.

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Summer Adventurer, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Hi.
    My penis is uncircumcised/intact, but for a few years i keep it always retracted. I do that for hygienic and comfort reasons but I don't want to become circumcised. I wonder few things:

    1. Is there anyone else who keeps his foreskin always retracted? Why? When did you start?

    2. If you are into NoFap, is it beneficial in some way to keep your foreskin always retracted? For who it is easier to NoFap - circumcised or uncircumcised?

    3. What kind of underwear do you wear? Boxers? Briefs? Or none at all (commando)? Which way is easier/better if you are into NoFap?

    Thank you for your replies! :)
  2. Freddiefox

    Freddiefox Fapstronaut

    That sounds like it would he hard to keep it that way all the time.
  3. What do you refer to?
  4. Freddiefox

    Freddiefox Fapstronaut

    To keep it retracted, it seems like it would keep trying to relax to normal position all the time.
  5. You seem embarrassed to say its name - "foreskin"! I see nothing wrong with calling the spade "a spade".

    I fold my foreskin behind itself and the glans and it almost looks like a circumcised penis minus the scar, it stays retracted, the glans is exposed and i am used to it. Due to this practice the foreskin has shrunk a little and the glans has enlarged instead, which helps sustaining it.

    If anyone else wishes to answer the questions at hand, feel welcome to do so! :)
  6. Freddiefox

    Freddiefox Fapstronaut

    No problem at all calling it what it is, "it" is just quicker to type.
    Unless some has been circumcised as an adult it might be hard to say which way is easier to get through reboot. I would think uncircumcised would have less friction on the gland as it it protected, which may make it easier in some way.
    I use boxer briefs just because I don't like briefs or boxers, plus the combo type holds things in place better, which for me, reduces friction also.
  7. Anyone else willing to give an opinion?
  8. PasterofMuppets

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    There are no hygienic reasons to circumcise or keep your foresking retracted, unles you live in the desert in a primitive environement like africans/arabic cultures/jews. Nowadays you just gotta wash it. In fact it is much healthier for the penis to have a foreskin because it'll protect your sensitive and bare glans.

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