Almost 3 years without sex. Suicidal Thoughts

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by racc00n, Oct 21, 2018.

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    I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling. Rebooting has its ups and downs, just like life. We see many people experiencing both the ups and downs during the reboot, and though it may be hard to see now, these feelings you are having won’t last forever. It will get better with time, if you are patient and wait.

    In the meantime, please seek professional help. I know the idea of calling a helpline might terrify you, but in times of crisis, we often need someone their to put our lives in perspective. So please contact someone who can help and don’t hang up on them. The International Association for Suicide Prevention maintains a list of suicide prevention hotlines for countries all over the world. Also, if you don’t feel up to actually talking to someone on the phone, unsuicide maintains a list of online Instant Messaging a chat suicide prevention resources.

    You are not alone in this. There are ways to treat depression. Please contact people that can help you. Being depressed often makes it feel like you don’t have any more options. But that is a lie. That is just the depression talking. These feeling you have won’t last forever. We are in this with you, and we will all be cheering for you to get through this!
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    Thanks fellas, i'm somewhat glad to hear that im not alone in this planet. I have thought of breaking my dry spell with an escort. Now i work and make my own money. So it wont be much of a financial damage ! Many people say they lost their inhibitions after 1 or 2 encounters with professionals. As for the other things i mentioned, like the curse or black magic, i still dont know what to believe. It is one of the reasons i'm afraid i will not function next time i have sex (well.... IFF that time comes naturally without paying). Otherwise, i know where the spa is. I can book a VIP apointment for 1 hour with jacuzzi. Quite Lux, aint it ? ;)
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