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    I stared myself in the mirror more erect than I had ever been and I analyzed what I was about to do. Just moments away from giving into masturbation. Already successfully clocked in two days I am proud of myself for getting this far to begin with. But now here I am contemplating on whether or not I'm gonna do this. Seeing as how dependent I was on masturbation and porn and doing it two or three times in the span of an hour on certain occasions I've turned myself extremely sensitive to any stimuli but I'm trying as hard as I can to not reach that guilty orgasm. Fuck it, I'm already here hard as a fucking rock I began stroking my dick. 43% away from reaching that satisfaction that I craved so much I used every ounce of strength that my sleep deprived body could muster and pulled away from it all. Took a deep breath and sat down. Making my way to where I am right now. Here. Since I don't have an AP this forum will serve as the journal that I vent into every day, or whenever I get an episode.
  2. I sure know where you are during this post. You did the right thing. It is so difficult at first. I think in a few days it will get better. Resist any way you can.

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