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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by lamstronger, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. lamstronger

    lamstronger Fapstronaut

    Hey, fapstronauts. Didn’t see this topic in the first pages or missed it, so here it goes.
    Wanted to have a topic that was dedicated to the gym, nutrition or just fitness in general.

    Some starting questions:
    1. What training split do you follow?
    2. Do you follow any diet?
    3. What fitness people do you follow?

    I follow a 5 day split, which is: upper strength, lower strength, rest, PPL, rest.
    I don’t follow any diet, though I am on IF for the summer.
    I follow some fitness people, favorites are athleanx and jeff nippard.
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  2. Mike28

    Mike28 Fapstronaut

    Hey man,

    1) i follow a 5 day split as well. I goes:
    -upper body
    Normally i do a rest day after both leg days, depending on how i feel.

    2) i focus on eating around 3'300kcal and 190g of proteins per day. I don't really care about the amount of fats and carbs i eat, as long as i get healthy fats.

    3) i follow some guys on youtube: steve cook, merjin/student aesthetics, christian guzman, max chewning...
    They vlogers though, not like athleanx.

    @Mantasx1 what's your goal right now?
  3. lamstronger

    lamstronger Fapstronaut

    Mine is to maintain weight and see what my eating should look like. Will start to up calories in september. What do you eat to get that amount? @Mike28
  4. Mike Bonanno

    Mike Bonanno Fapstronaut

    I run 5K on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and do basic calisthenics Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.
    Sunday is rest day.

    I do 16/8 intermittent fasting, I don't eat sugar or grains, and I try to keep my calories at maintain level. Most of the time I manage to do that, but if I happen to be in a restaurant with friends, I'll eat what ever I like without feeling guilty about it.

    Athlean X, Thenx, Barstarzz and Calisthenicmovement have some very good Youtube videos.
  5. Amukadi8

    Amukadi8 Fapstronaut

    5x7(80% 1RM), Push, Pull, cardio(hiit + steady state) 15-30 minutes, stretching, Martial arts, sparring, meditation, Heavy bag work
  6. lamstronger

    lamstronger Fapstronaut

    5x7(80% 1RM) can you explain this please?
  7. Mike28

    Mike28 Fapstronaut

    I've had an oatmeal for breakfast, pasta and turkey for lunch, a local meal for dinner and tons of snacks (e.g. cashew and almond nuts).
    Besides the chicken i've had one scoop of protein powder after the work out and one scoop in the oatmeal.
    This was for a total of 3'500kcal. I walked a lot and had a leg day, so i increased my calories a bit.

    How is IF going for you? I've tried it for a short period in may but could not stick to it for sports reasons. I will for sure get back to it in the offseason.

    I think @Amukadi8 means that he does 5 sets of 7 reps with 80% of his one rep maximum. I might be wrong though...
  8. lamstronger

    lamstronger Fapstronaut

    Yeah, ik he meant that, but what exercises does he do?
    IF is easy to maintain for me. I drink coffee in the morning and I don't feel hunger till meal times. I drink water too and when I finish working out my eating window is open. What you eat sounds expensive or is it not?
  9. Clean Plate

    Clean Plate Fapstronaut

    No split. I workout 5 times a week, any body part(30 minutes plus 10 minutes of doing front and back reverse kegels and ordinary kegels)
    and I train hard whether it be free weights or weights.
    I only eat whole foods. I cut processed foods out of my meals almost entirely (except pizza). And I only eat that on cheat meals not cheat days. I try not to drink sugary foods (soda, Ice cream etc.) On the weekends Ill have cheat meals but wont binge on those foods for those two days. I currently try to eat every two hours.
    I only follow one guy on youtube and have come close to the conclusion that no one else touches him remotely. ATHLEANX.
  10. Mike28

    Mike28 Fapstronaut

    Does it? Idk...i guess the oatmeal is pretty cheap because it's just oats plus some other stuff. The turkey cost 3$ and the protein powder is not too expensive either because i've bought a 5kg bag.
    Nuts are quite expensive but i only ate 40g today :)
  11. lamstronger

    lamstronger Fapstronaut

    Nuts are expensive, at least here. How would you replace the local meal?
  12. Mike28

    Mike28 Fapstronaut

    Yes they are but it's a 200g bag for 5$. That lasts like 1.5 weeks.

    What do you mean by replace?

    How was your last workout?
  13. Daniel stops

    Daniel stops Fapstronaut

    Hey, since last week I do 3 Freeletics-workouts with focus on both strenth and condition. I also do bouldering.

    I use "MyFitnessPal" to count my calories at the moment, but this is just to be well prepared to my wedding soon :D

    I don't have special fitness guys following. :)
  14. leo da king

    leo da king Fapstronaut

    I can help you not eat ice-cream again. Ice-cream has beaver's butt in it. If you don't believe me you can do some research :)
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  15. Crew Love

    Crew Love Fapstronaut

    This isn't exactly related to the questions you've proposed, but what I've realised is overtraining can lead to wet dreams, as I've happened to experience in the past two days.
  16. lamstronger

    lamstronger Fapstronaut

    If you didnt eat a local meal, what would you eat instead? Yestersay was lower body strength day. Workout was good. Resting today. What about you?

    @Crew Love You can post anything related to fitness and pmo. Those were primary questions to get this thread going:)
  17. bishop08

    bishop08 New Fapstronaut

    Yo. I'm new here. Anyways, I generally follow a 5x5 stronglifts routine, though because of my tight schedule, I often fail to train with the routine 3x a week. I also box, and do lots of calisthenics like er.. push-ups, sit-ups.. you know, them exercises. Nice to see you guys(and gals if there any) training. Keep it up! And never forget to not masturbate hehehe
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  18. Hitto

    Hitto Fapstronaut

    Jeff is the best imo and very knowledgeable he teaches you how to train smarter not just harder especially since I do have imbalances in the shoulder and hamstrings
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  19. Anti-ordinary

    Anti-ordinary Fapstronaut

    I follow Greg O'gallaghers' training routine and dietary styles. He promotes lifting 3 times a week, heavy, for strength training. He focuses more on strength training rather than pump training. His programs are different than the bodybuilding programs that are out there. They are different in a good way. His way of life isn't just dedicated to the gym, the gym and fitness is only 1 branch of the overall tree. Thats what he promotes. There is a lot to say about him. But I would suggest just learning more about his style of training yourself.

    Also I like Athlean X, Brandon Harding, Mike Diamonds, David Laid, Connor Murphy, Jeff Seid, Zac Perna,
  20. lamstronger

    lamstronger Fapstronaut

    Yeah, Athleanx has no equal. The quality and relativity if his content is unmatchable. I also like jeffnippard because he provides science based info which is cool too
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