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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support' started by Coffee Candy, May 11, 2019.

  1. Coffee Candy

    Coffee Candy Fapstronaut

    to @Alexander for allowing us to upload files in PM's now since theres button for uploading files located there now.

    Did anyone else notice this? c: I did lol
  2. Alexander

    Alexander Porn Addict
    Staff Member

    Don't send dick pics. Well, I don't care, just so long as they aren't unsolicited. Don't send ME dick pics. Unless if it's really impressive or something.

    But in all seriousness, the reason was that people asked for it because they wanna be able to send photos of whatever without doxxing themselves using off-site services.
  3. nazonokusa

    nazonokusa Fapstronaut

    Isn't that a bit triggering for female hetero / male gay members? I dunno but it seems like you assume users to be male hetero here.
  4. Alexander

    Alexander Porn Addict
    Staff Member

    Hello Mr. Mc-Tries-To-Get-Offended-Unnecessarily,

    First off, it was a joke. Second off, it's descriptive.

    The majority of members are heterosexual males, although we have many users who do not fit that description. I'd also have no problem saying don't send me tit pics, but I just do not foresee that being an issue since it's mostly men who engage in sending unsolicited photographs of body parts.
  5. nazonokusa

    nazonokusa Fapstronaut

    Ridiculing people for being inclusive is thoughtless & oppressive. Whenever you say "it was a joke" you are forcing your majority viewpoint onto the other.

    The rest I won't even quote because it's off-topic rambling and then some more porno-talk.

    1) I just really hate it when porn-world comes to find me where I least expect it. I am here to seek help in my porn abstention, so will you please be mindful about triggering topics.
    2) Forget about triggers, the "unless if it's really impressive" thing is generally off-putting. Is that how you talk to a gender-unspecified person?
  6. Alexander

    Alexander Porn Addict
    Staff Member


    1) If descriptively using "dick pics" is too triggering to you, I advise you to move to a shack or cave in the middle of the woods and to stop using this website. You must abandon civilization completely for the duration of your recovery. Because the forum and website content is filled with far more graphic text than that, given the subject matter of this website.

    2) I refuse to engage in your self-victimhood. It's disingenuous, manipulative, and entitled. Not everybody needs to walk on eggshells because of your obsession over trying very hard to get offended over strange misperceptions of oppression. Sorry, me saying "dick pics" isn't oppressive, nor is criticizing you for your language policing.
  7. nazonokusa

    nazonokusa Fapstronaut

    I said it is potentially triggering & generally an inappropriate joke. This isn't "Technical Support for people who embrace the toxic sides of masculine humour".

    Yes even my own journal is full of honest sexual talk. That's in the "Reboot Journals of males 20 - 24" section. No accidents happening there, thanks to your team's forum design.

    Please don't make people "just shrug it off" or whatever when/where they absolutely don't have to. Not making sexual jokes is a very firm eggshell to accidentally break.

    (I've been using this forum for a few years now, but does the subject matter of this website have anything to do with making unnecessary sexual jokes? I hope not.)
  8. Alexander

    Alexander Porn Addict
    Staff Member

    You're expressing a metric ton of toxic self-victimhood and toxic entitlement right now. You don't get to manipulate me with being fake-offended for some strange reason to dictate which jokes I can or can't make on my own website. If you aren't a troll, I wish you luck in life because you'll need it when you realize that most autonomous people don't care about your self-constructed fragility.
  9. nazonokusa

    nazonokusa Fapstronaut

    Okay dad. Can't argue with you. Hey, congrats on your 1500th post :)

    By the way I'm bang on the majority, "human neutral" as Hannah Gadsby would say, as a cis-hetero male.

    I'm not victimising myself or being fake-offended, I'm imagining the tension you could potentially be creating and speaking up about it.

    Well not only that. I was also offended myself at that alarming joke. Even assuming all users to be cis-hetero male, a sexual remark out of the blue is worth an apology.

    Wish you luck too, Alex-san. I support your sex-positive cause in NoFap.

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