A slight change in day 4

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    So friends finally my day 4 is gonna get over...that puts a a smile on my face...as yesterday was a smooth going day...finish my exams... I have set time limits for everything I do that gives a self control in all areas of life.... and as was doing my to do list with ease... regularly having my prayer sessions done and speaking what I feel in my heart and improved focus and quick decision making and identifying and correcting my mistakes asap. i see a change in my behaviour and the way I walk the way I look at this world is slowly moving forth to it's reality... and the reboot is taking it's place but it's been a painful 4 day one...still on the move... as I had one strong urge in the night and I had to tell it to my friend and I jus slept beside him so that I'll be a bit more cool and not worried and fear about the urge.. then I had a good sleep.

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