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    Day 90 - Can You Believe I Made It?
    • I honestly didn’t think I had it in me. Never did I imagine to go even a month without MO.
    • What did I learn/get out of this?
      • I don’t need to MO.​
      • It's not necessary for me to satisfy my urge right away or through that way.
      • I’ve lived through life without O for 3 months!! I almost feel invincible LOL
      • OF COURSE it would be nice, but I’m not dying without it; I’m not dependent on it.
      • Before, I felt like I NEEDED it, like it will help get me through the day/whatever. But that's not true
    • Reality check
      • It’s not always easy; there will be a rough week every so often (maybe cuz of my period)
      • I’m still fantasizing & I’m still trying to work on it
    • What now?
      • I’m going to still do no pmo best I can because I don’t want to waste too much/any time fantasizing.
      • A friend had told me to not pmo ever again if I could help it, so we’ll see.
      • Goldjacketluke (check out his YouTube if you haven’t) is like on Day 540 so that’s really inspiring
    Anyway, keep going guys! Break free from those chains! Rewire ourselves to become closer to becoming the best version of ourselves & a happier one at that!

    Let me know your opinions on whether to keep going w no pmo. I don’t plan to watch P ever again, but what about MO? For context, I’m in a relationship (no sex, but we push it) I want to be solid before anything else
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    Absolutely! What's the point of doing nofap for so long only to go back to your old destructive habit in the end. For me nofap is forever and I can only release my arousal to my future wife and it's a long time until I can get married ;)

    Now that you are over 90 days it must be easy for you to keep it steady. The most important thing for you now is to find your purpose in life. Nofap is only tool to help you see who you are clearly but improve yourself by channeling sexual energy to your dreams and hopes.

    I'm on day 94 today and I feel the same way as you :D I'm trying to work out on my English speaking so it can benefit me in the future.


    Wait are you female? Sorry Lol I thought you were male :D but well that's all I can tell you about nofap benefits
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  3. Hank Pym

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    Good for you. But do females have any positive effect after abstaining pmo?coz males loose a lot of high energy semen on ejaculation but females dont?
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  4. Miss Winnie

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    Idk it’s mostly mental for me. My sensitivity has improved w my partner but drive has gone down. Hope it doesn’t stay that way haha
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  5. Miss Winnie

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    Yes I’m female & thanks for the response dude. Guess it’s forever haha. Bittersweet but worth it
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  6. jlsl16

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    hello, congrats in your achievement, i am in a relationship too and i thing that if you love the person for true, doing sex is not a problem because you are doing the love, not sex. but for PMO i think the best is to not watch porn again, because that can bring you problems and any good things.
    sorry for my English, i wish you good luck !
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  7. Congratulations! Winnie the Winner! :) Go for 365 and super motivate all.
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  8. Summer Son

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    Thanks for this kinda great tips! Congratulations!
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  9. Miss Winnie

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    Lol 365 if I do make it that far - there’s just no tirning back
  10. Yes, that's the way to go. Go for it, don't think about turning back. Keep going. :)
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  11. Maxout007

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    Hey keep up the good work miss winnie!
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