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    I would just start to jot down, and rather than wait to Day 90 and share it I thought I would let you good people know now.

    I am now 79 Days clear this is as you can imagine wonderful news.

    What I would like to do is share my journey in rather clear and concise way, I hope i do it justice.

    Like with many of you I have had this issue for at least 30 years, I am now in my mid forties.

    Have I used NoFap before?
    Yes, I reached 90 days no PMO about 2 years ago, just before my marriage fell apart.

    Have I abstained from anything else?
    I am 3 years Teetotal

    General Well Being

    I will keep this fairly to the point

    I am feeling a sense of freedom, in the bad ole days I would feel as many as you all have trapped, guilty and depressed.

    I feel a sense of hope, just imagining what day 90, 120 & 150 will look like.

    I practise averting ones eyes, when a lady is in sight. This actually has a positive effect, as you are slamming on the breaks of the adrenaline rush of desire to go back to your old ways.

    I have failed before, and I know what its like to fail and climb back out, I would rather not have to do that again, its all very tiresome! :)

    Having a sense of humour helps..

    Your thoughts might convince you that you deserve it, you need it, there is no harm having a peek.. I would say yes they are your thoughts, but you can choose no to listen to them and the beautiful thing you develop is self awareness, self confidence, and a general happiness in not being drawn in to something that makes you feel trapped and guilty.

    Many people have adopted meditation and prayer, I am no exception. If you are not spiritually minded, thats fine, I would try to encourage to find 5 mins to learn not to listen to the voice that wants you to fail.

    NoFAP is not easy, it gets a bit easier when you know what its like to fail.

    Like with many my complexion is brighter and my eyes have a sparkle, I am leaner than i ever have been and I like looking at my body.

    Many people have had to seperate, and ultimately divorce, but I have to say that during the last 79 days I have felt, that I am more than capable of pushing through the divorce honour in tact, and not feeling the need to drink or lash out at the injustice.

    Like i said so life is challenging, I am content with the way things are going, I would say that there is a general calmness

    I have had the flatlines, and I feel that slowly I am coming through, I would say functionality is beginning to return.

    I am less controlled by anxious thoughts, as the calmness that i often get a stronger foothold.. prayer and meditation, really helps here, failing that the Gym

    I have no need to go out on the prowl join any social media dating sites, but I am content to be me. I am looking forward to hit 90 days on Christmas Day, what a present.

    So summing up, my body, mind and spirit have gone under a major upgrade over the last 3 years, i am deeply effected by the separation, but I am walking. I feel very new each day... I think what I am trying to say is, that there are many that eagerly desire these super powers, I would say just keep pushing on in your challenge and it will be added to you.

    Hope that helps, I shall update you on Christmas Day

    Peace Love Hope and Happiness
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    congratulations brother, keep it up and thanks for the inspiration :)
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    Thanks @arminhul :)
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    The funny thing is that even though we are individuals, everyone has his own expirience, we still have A LOT in common when it comes to effects of masturbation and effects of substaining from masturbation on us.
    I mean i can see myself in every story posted on this forum.

    I totally agree with meditation and praying.
    I am 29 and i havent prayed or meditate until life forced me try it (thats when you hit rock bottom). And i take praying and meditating as tools, just like noPMO, excercising, healthy eating.. I it "Portfolio of healthy habbits".
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  7. Thanks for the inspirational post !! Its good to see people out here taking back the control of their lives & not falling back to impulsive primal instincts!! Great going & keep at it !! Goodluck!!
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    @SSGSSV77 right back at you :)
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    Thank you for these thoughts. I am going through separation now myself and it is scary. It was caused by the lying and use of porn, perhaps not entirely but a major factor. I worry that as I progress resentment will settle in and I will be tempted but I am inspired to fight so that I see some of these benefits. Perhaps she will see it was a mistake in time if she sees my sparkle too. Thank you.
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