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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by DavidTN, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. DavidTN

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    Hello All,

    I am a 50 year old male, a Christian who seeks another Christian male as an accountability partner, preferably one who has had some success in overcoming this struggle and is around my age. I am new to this site so haven't completely familiarized myself with all that is available here yet. I have a 90 day PM goal.

    I am married with five children. I was first exposed to porn around ten years old (magazines in those days) and lust has wreaked havoc on my life ever since, especially with the introduction of the internet in the mid 90's. I have had periods of success (2 weeks, 3 months, almost 6 months at one time) but have never been able to sustain that success long term. I know I cannot do this alone as I typically will deceive myself in thinking that next time I can resist and exert my will over this, but after 40 years I always fail and I am foolish to think that it will be different next time unless I start doing something different beforehand.

    Over the years I've read several books on the subject, been to counselors, men's groups, SA groups, prayed, repented, vowed never to do it again, on and on , over and over, and yet here I am still, a slave to this darkness, with the cycle continuing as it always has. I have a lot of head knowledge on this subject, but that knowledge has not equated to a great deal of experiential success in day to day life for me unfortunately.

    I know this isn't who I really am or who I was created to be, I just need some help in breaking this cycle , something I have not ever been able to do on my own.

    Thanks for reading. I hope I can connect with one or two men that are willing to help me on this journey, and hope at some point that I can be a help to others as well.
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  2. Me Myself

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    Hi - I have just joined nofap. I am also looking for an AP, but am willing to have a go at being yours (perhaps mutual?) I have to point out though that I am not Christian (actually Jewish by tradition, though not religions or practicing). I am 48 so at least close in terms of age. I live in London UK and have been battling with this awful addition over 20 years. Only heard about nofap yesterda, and joined the forum with renewed hope :)
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  3. Peterdaly

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    Hi David

    I'm 42 Christian in Australia had a long history of struggling with this effected my family faith personality and friendships

    I've had some success recently gone over 120 days I relapsed but I'm back on the horse so to speak

    Be great to support each other through the this

  4. Idaho man

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    Hello, I'm 54 and I've got the same story as you have. I too started at a young age, for me it was 11 and it was a magazine. I have done the same repented over and over again. I have 7 children and 2 step children. This is not me either. This is not who I am. But the darkness is and will be removed. I have found some things that have made this different this time. I'd be happy to share with you.

    Let me know.
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  5. DavidTN

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    Hi. Thank you for responding and sharing a little about yourself. Yes, I would be very interested in hearing what you have to share.

  6. Eviledging

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    47 div male US here porn is such a struggle for me. I am seeking companionship with others that struggle as well. Perhaps we can help each other in our time of need.

    Message me. I am available for real time txt or social media

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