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    I'll start at the beginning. I started with lingerie catalogs in the early 80s in my early teens. I remember some time after my 18th birthday thinking to myself " Hey , I can buy real porn now." And I immediately went to buy some magazines. About ten years later , the internet came along and that was that. I had an an on again off again girlfriend in my twenties , I experienced anorgasmia throughout. I got married in my thirties. Orgasm with real sex was always difficult. I often thought about porn in the middle of sex. We were divorced a few years ago. I started to think that it would just be easier to be alone with porn for the rest of my life:(

    I recently got in contact with my old girlfriend , she lives across the country , I hope to see her in June. The last time I PMO'ed was Sunday March 10. The quick start guide has been very helpful. I wouldn't even know that anorgasmia was a word without it. I found the tips on relieving urges to be helpful , too. I especially like the quick burst of exercise. Now that I am almost a week in , I think I may need additional resources to help me be successful.

    I am looking forward to wet dreams and a healthier attitude about sex and women.
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    Great, it's never too late to start. Good luck.
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    Welcome to the community. Read, learn and start making your plan.

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