45 days and this SUCKS

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by TheJordan1212, Apr 15, 2019.

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    this sucks. I’ve been 45 days again. been trying this for about a year now. Which I think 52 being my longest streak. And what sucks the most is it’s working again. I haven’t had sex yet but every other aspect of my life has gotten better. Got my own apartment which I love, a few new awesome jobs making more money, girls are more attracted to me than ever, Ive started to get in great shape. But... yet no sex yet... I’ve made out and had some sleep overs but nada. I started all this cause I used to get laid like crazy but only when I was out drinking which always ended up in disfunctional relationships, depression and a feeling of no control over anything. Any way this SUCKs cause it’s working I think once I stop obsessing about a partial girl I love, and really all women and sex I’ll finally be healed. It’s like praying for something and one day you just stop and all I’ve sudden it shows up. Im just guessing, but that seems to be how life works out in a lot of times. Less is more
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    It'll show up once you stop looking for it. Keep working on you, forget chicks for a while. Keep working on making yourself into somebody girls will like enough to want to give it up for! If you can really focus on you, it'll show. Right now it looks like you're doing most of your self improvement to find a girl (or get with this one girl you say you're obsessing about) and they can tell - Once you can bring it around and be doing what you do for yourself, then somebody can love you. Remember that expression "You need to love yourself before somebody can love you" - I wouldn't say it's exactly accurate as written, but it makes sense in that context. Do things for you, respect you, and other people will find it attractive and appealing and maybe even fall in love with you for it. They'll come along as soon as you start to feel like you could be happy without somebody for a while. Always happens!

    (Yes I realise my counter is at like 2 right now, so it might not look like I'm in a place to talk about it, but I'm married to the woman of my dreams and I consider that enough experience to say this. Heh...)

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