400 monkmode (no PMO under stress) The Ult reason BHD relapse

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    reference: 戒为良药.
    combine with my personal views.

    Title: Only and Ultimate reason caused Relapse.

    The root reason for continuous relapse was lack of brainwashing.
    symptom 15.png
    numerous fapstronauts' failure may lead to different consequence:
    1. whoever relapsed would give up his/her goals and choose to ignore their life and work.
    2. whoever relapsed would give in and let 2nd, 3rd continuous relapses happen.
    3. or the relapse would lead to self-denial: if this time failed again, it would mean that I would relapse for my whole life.
    After talking about the relapse consequence, let's talk about the reason that leads people to nofap.
    Almost all the case made us here was either because our health got into deep trouble or our life became super messy (i.e., dysfunctional part or body and failed relationship or family). Even, people tried to overcome this bad circumstance, still, relapse always happen. This relapse circle sounds like a dark magic that attaches to us and leads us to relapse. Whoever was in this dark circle feels hopeless to get out. Our life became a puppet's life, these invisible wires from somewhere else control every part of ourselves instead of ours.
    On the other hand, PMO is just like an enemy for us. This enemy could defend us all the time. Even you are so confident about your 1 week or 1 day's streak, the next thing you know was that a person kneed down in front of this enemy without any confidence - the person was you!!!! Then, everything has to repeat, and the destination of nofap was further.
    symptom 6.png
    All the relapse from day 1 to day XX of nofap made you feel that you are just not strong or determined enough. It sounds so reasonable that you kept getting same conclusion and relapses were not avoided at all. Have you Even questioned yourself? Have you ever deeply think the most valid reason behind the relapse?
    Instead of letting you figure out yourself, today, the reason would be presented in this article.
    Whoever use determination to overcome relapse hasn't shown up yet. Unless he/she bet their life on nofap which is super rare. Finally, it is my time to point out a way to defend yourself in front of PMO.
    There is a saying: everything is possible, and success needs methods. If the failure happened, people should think deeply to find out the root of the cause, instead to use the word "not good enough", "not the right time", "not the right place", "not the right person", and "....". Moreover, failed person use these words to avoid facing the issue and never learn their lesson to move on. All their efforts were wasted by "not...enough" excuses.
    Brainwashing - the level of brainwashing on nofap is not enough. People believed that brainwashing is a negative word, which is totally off. Brainwashing is a neutral word. It was used for both positive and negative meanings. Let's talk about the negative meanings first. A commoners PMO ed for decades, once he/she saw a human-shaped moving object, he/she would think badly in their minds. This is a bad Brainwashing, the person used PMO too much so that he/she had a "PMO brain". Moreover, if the TV plays an advertisement in front of you, you would feel uncomfortable about the advertised product. However, this TV repeat more than one-time advertisement, you consistently watched the advertisement until one moment when you started to like the product bit by bit. This is daily brainwashing. To be honest, brainwashing on us is everytime and everywhere. No matter people could realize it or not. Remember, this is the life on the earth.
    Lots other people who read the scientific evidence on beneficial PMO perspectives would believe in "bad" type of brainwashing. On the contrary, the NOFAP web moderators would deal with some many fap and nofap cases. He and she know the fap and nofap really well so that their streak could be much longer than average people. This is a positive brainwashing.

    Back to relapses, since we were aware of nofap for such long time, we still failed in maintain our streak. Wouldn't the reason be that:
    1. we didn't understand PMO and nofap well?
    2. we didn't read enough case studies?
    3. we didn't make enough nofap notes?

    What do you think? A stronger determined failure or a true nofap streak?

    Shin Iu
    戒为良药 Chapter 1.

    All the best.

    Shin Iu

    CHAPTER 2 - right nofap motivation AT line #9

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    Beautifully articulated :) .
  3. @Shin Iu, Thank you for sharing these wonderful thoughts!
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    this is one of those posts i need to print. You guys are such an inspiration. I would 100% go back po pmo-ing without nofap community.
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    Beautiful, please post more. Knowledge is power.
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    Moree content please! These ones are awesome & very comprehensive.
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    Couldn't agree more bro
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    Reason To Cause Constant Relapse: The Wrong Purpose – Having a Better Sexual Life Afterwards

    reference: 戒为良药
    combining with my personal thoughts.

    I do not mean not to have a sexual life, but having frequent and random sex after nofap.

    Lots people had relapses due to their evil sexual motivation, and their minds continually having sexual urges from these “dreams.” Besides this, as a purpose of recovering sexual function was also high relapses one. It does not sound abnormal to start with. Moreover, lots of fapstronauts who had ED or other dysfunction would have this motivation for doing nofap. However, these people are like boiling frog from Fratscher’s experiment. A frog who would not escape from warm to boiling water but eventually dead inside the water vessel. This means that lots of our fapstronauts continually relapse due to urges from their sexual life – motivation without realization. Eventually, they would quit after lots failures on the nofap. Also, even they are successful in one place but eventually would lose again in other places. This is due to the wrong direction. It is life self-damaging: a body is a machine like that needed to maintain and rest for certain period. A “sexing machine” would always last longer at the beginning, but dead soon. So nofap is about maintaining body with the same purpose. However, with a dangerous sexual purpose would against the nofap process all the time. There would be no reason to keep doing it.

    If the direction were wrong without any corrective clue, no one would expect even a single success. Remember to have a good life is to have a healthy sexual relationship instead of being into a sexual competition between selves and others, including self-testing. Lots fapstronauts would feel their sexual function recovered after doing nofap several days, along the same time, their animal desire starts to come back. Due to a belief of body-self- recovery theory, they would do self-test on their determination regardless of considering urges. The results would obviously be that relapse cycle including even worse relapse cycle. Their purpose for meet their sexual desires and more frequent/random sex with/in a different situation would drag their body into urges hells. As my 1st sentence stated, the wrong direction on nofap would NOT lead you to nofap but fap. There would be no way to escape from this relapse cycle. Having a good start in this journey is to have a good nofap purpose.

    We all start a construction on a solid base or build a solid base before starting building. However, in the nofap journey, having a good start is just like having an excellent nofap motivation. Being motivated by sexual desires was like to build a building on sand. No matter how many days you “nofapped”, eventually, you would lose it all, lose it all, lose it all. From here, let’s talk about the right nofap motivations then?

    1st, a nofap purpose with religious or moral perspectives. To pursue a harmony and happy human life.

    2nd, a nofap purpose of healthier living way. To live without much illness and pains through high health states.

    3rd, to appoint your families and partners with a good life success.

    As long as your motivation was non-sexual harm related, your sexual function would recover itself gradually. You would not even need to have these evil motivations that come along with urges.
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    I just uploaded the content above to help you out more
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    some words updated for the chapter 2
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    please.. i need more of this..
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    The 戒为良药 book is very good, did anyone translate it into English?

    My Chinese is not that great, so I'll take a really long time reading each chapter.
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    good post. I hope this can motivate the fapstronout to keep their motivation to do nofap.
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    In this chaos world, there are lots criminals, rapist, racist, conspirator, and miscreant. They are so close to us. The only way I can do is to receive blessing from gods and great people/families. The way of doing it is to do nofap
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    One thing I learned from PMO stories is that por is damaging human's brain a lot.
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    My understanding on PMO and video game is the same.
    It is always scientifically true that you do it once a while which increases your Health status.
    HOWEVER, it is also true that PMO and video game would not send you “self-control” but addiction and lust.
    No one ever could keep “once in while” as a human.
    Remember this fairy tale and don’t waste your time on it. You will regret

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