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    PM journey - 40 days in !
    Hello all !!

    First of all a big high five to all the brave souls on this life changing journey.

    I am 40 days into my NoFap journey after being addicted to porn for 18 years now ! I have been watching porn and masturbating ever since I can remember . I was introduced to porn by a couple of friends and within no time got addicted to it. Almost sticking to my computer for atleast 3 times a day and getting myself off through different types of porn.

    I am 33 now, and have been feeling unaccomplished in life , both career and personal since the last few years. I started seeking out answers and ended up here in the NoFap community. It made sense to me that the feeling of lacking something was related to my rigourous habit of PMO and loosing all my energy there, leaving me with no motivation at all to do anything else worthwhile.

    Since I started my journey 40 days back, I have now started to focus on other things, than thinking about sex all the time.
    Not masturbating all the time leaves me with a feeling that I have conquered the day and have not lost something today.
    I have started reading more books and focusing my time and energy on things that matter.
    I think people can feel increased energy in me.
    The best part so far is my voice has become more musculine than the sqeeky little voice !!

    My next aim would be to convert my jouney to PMO from PM. Will need all the support from fellow friends who are on this life transforming journey with me.
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    All the best!! Well done on 40!! Keep it going!
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