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  1. Spartan Warrior

    Spartan Warrior Fapstronaut

  2. Boxer477

    Boxer477 Fapstronaut

    Day 224/365
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  3. Elcamino

    Elcamino Fapstronaut

    101...surrounding yourself with the "proper" energy is key
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  4. Unstoppabull

    Unstoppabull Fapstronaut

    127/365. Been having urges and feeling worthless lately.
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  5. AlternativeFalcon01

    AlternativeFalcon01 Fapstronaut

  6. Geeway

    Geeway Fapstronaut

    Oops. Relapse after day 11. This challenge is really hard for me but here we go again. I will try to go stronger this time. Day 0/365
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  7. LastingChangeCreator

    LastingChangeCreator Moderator Assistant Staff Member Moderator Assistant

    Day 28/365
    Feeling amazing, productive and in control.
  8. Puretim

    Puretim Fapstronaut

    I've been off site for a while and am starting over. I don't know what g gets into me at times. I'll be doing good and starting to feel good about myself and about life and then I go back into the cesspool. Maybe deep down I don't believe I'm worthy of feeling good and having a good life
    I'm trying to work thru all this crap and I believe I'm making at least some progress since the up times are lasting longer and the down times aren't as deep nor lasting as long. So I just left the starting gate ------again. Good night.
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  9. Gonarth

    Gonarth Fapstronaut

    The Eighteenth

    I was so close to slipping last night but once again I pulled through. While on YouTube, a recommended video of some woman doing squats with revealing gym wear came up. I clicked on it. Twenty seconds later my hand automatically went down my pants. That is when I came to my senses. I was like what just happened. I put off the net, my phone and laptop. Then I went to bed without flinching. That was a great escape. YouTube has too many triggers for my liking. A hiatus from it is in order
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  10. 1313

    1313 Fapstronaut

  11. Surprise

    Surprise Fapstronaut

    Day 0 let's GO
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  12. rewiring4good

    rewiring4good Fapstronaut

    Yeah.I remember you posting about thinking you had messed up and relapsed.However,luckily it was a dream. This is your subconscious having free reign of your conscious brain at night,so be extra careful now, because our subconscious controls about 90% of us in daily life.Be vigilant and be firm with arguments for doing NoFap, but understanding with your subconscious brain so both brains are happy!The main goal is for you to be happy and do well at work etc.

    The first thing you must understand about the subconscious mind is that it's a separate entity. In other words, if you consciously want something then this doesn't mean that your subconscious mind will get along. The Subconscious mind in such a case needs to be convinced first about the importance of that thing.

    The subconscious mind usually resists you when it has another goal that you aren't fully aware of. If for example you want to study, but your subconscious mind believes that you will fail even if you did, then you won't be motivated to study.

    While you will consciously want to succeed, your subconscious mind might just want you to not study or to even skip the test. You might wonder what's the possible benefit that can come out of not studying? Your subconscious mind could have the goal of preventing you from studying so that when you fail or get bad marks your self esteem doesn't get affected.

    After all , according to the plan, you didn't do well simply because you didn't study. So as you can see conflict in goals between the conscious and the subconscious mind can lead to subconscious resistance and lack of motivation.

    The only way to get the motivation you need in such a case is to negotiate with your subconscious mind directly to convince it to do what you want to do.

    Talking to your subconscious
    The process of talking to your subconscious mind is as simple as using your self talk to talk to your own self. Don't worry you won't get crazy when you do so. By talking to yourself you will get more understanding of the source of the resistance coming from your mind.

    You need to talk to yourself , or your subconscious mind, as if you are talking to someone else. During those arguments with yourself, you might find out the exact cause of that unconscious resistance.

    Once you find that cause, you need to work on making serious changes, so that your subconscious mind can trust you. After all, in some cases talking alone won't be enough. Let's suppose for example that your subconscious mind didn't trust your plans. In such a case you might need to re-examine your plans to know whether they really need changing or not. In both cases your subconscious mind will have more faith in you and it will obey you as a result.So be extra vigilant make your subconscious realise how happy you can be doing this NoFap challenge etc.
    Good luck! Day 11/30
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  13. Gonarth

    Gonarth Fapstronaut

    I have heard about the conscious and the unconscious but not as well explained as you have here. I am really grateful. I don't think it is crazy to engage in self-talk. I actually do it many times but not with talking to my subconscious in mind. Now that I know it will listen, I will do it more mindfully. Thank you!
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  14. quantumxshaman

    quantumxshaman Fapstronaut

  15. RBYG_flag

    RBYG_flag Fapstronaut

    Hey guys It's been a while! I'm back at 50 days right now! I got up to 220 days last february when this girl from the UK came over here for 3 weeks and we decided to have sex. We had some fun time but I wanted to know if I would stay attached to her emotionnally and I guess I'm not too much into her. We still communicate but I don't me myself having a future with her, and the long distance doesn't help also. After she was gone around the 20th of March, I maybe had 3 relapses before I got back into this Nofap seriously again and here I am now! What I've learned from that experience is that although we had fun, it's really pointless to have sex with a women that you are physically attract to but not emotionnally attract to. That's what I call female sexual obectification. It did draw a setback on my Nofap gains as if she wouldn't come here I would be at 365 days in one month of Nofap. Right now my goal is to find my future soulmate, my future wife! Right now I'm speaking to this girl from Toronto, I will visit her at the end of July. She's a good Christian women, she always lived a chaste life. I've been speaking with her for about a month now and wondering where that will lead us. Anyways, have a great weekend guys, stay away from touching your dicks except with some soap!!! Peace
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  16. chiyu

    chiyu Fapstronaut

    58 days. :emoji_smirk_cat:
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  17. chiyu

    chiyu Fapstronaut

    You may feel that way sometimes, but that doesn't mean it's true, bro. Keep improving yourself and your situation as best you can. This stuff isn't easy and sometimes we have bad days, but it gets better.
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  18. chiyu

    chiyu Fapstronaut

    It's all a process. Regardless of what any of our "daycounts" are, what matters is that we working on ourselves. The efforts you've already put in already show your courage and determination. Keep at it, bro.
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  19. Tiburon727

    Tiburon727 Fapstronaut


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