33 yo Christian straight male need AP

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by nonamespalace, May 18, 2018.

  1. nonamespalace

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    Been struggling with PMO pretty much my whole life. I really want to get this thing under control and I think a regular AP is really the necessary component that I have been missing.

    I would prefer weekly check ins via Skype. The reason for this is I find it is too easy to send a message that I had relapsed because it is just text on a screen. I think that having to face someone after a relapse would be more effective. If you need check ins more frequently then maybe we could do text check ins for that.

    I would prefer to tackle this from a Biblical perspective so I would like to have another Christian male AP. I am in the pacific timezone but if you are within a couple of hours, I'm okay with that.
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  2. DannyS

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    messege me dude.
  3. regbarden

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    16 Y/O, looking for another AP. I’ve tried NoFap a while back, but I’ve been bingeing for at least a few months now. I’m not quite the same age as you, but being a Christian, I’d be more than happy to talk with you about what God has to say :)
  4. Choices&voices

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    So, I'm thinking that your "Christianity " has not been working for you. I mean, the fact that you are a "Christian" but have been struggling with this for " most of your life", tells me that perhaps the " biblical" route, is not necessarily the road you should be traveling, to combat your addiction. I've struggled with this porn, masturbation, orgasm, longer than you have been alive... My struggle is over...staying sober is still work but not a struggle... Having a willing and nonjudgemental ear to whisper or even yell into at times is a powerful tool...

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