30+ days of NoFap and has changed my life for the better - my success story

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    This is my personal experience, and hope it helps others along their path in life and change as a man for the better.

    I always felt defective or nervous with girls growing up as a teenager, I was fapping hard to porn at that time as well. Little did I know it was the porn fapping damaging me in my teenage years.

    It got so bad I blamed those feelings on myself, and there went my downward spiral of self esteem and confidence - I thought to myself, there’s no way I could perform like those guys in pornos, so girls won’t be too happy with me when it comes down to making love - and it’s caused an internal anxiety / issue for me growing up - also leading to a lot of feelings of rejection from girls growing up.

    I believe porno is psychologically and emotionally damaging. It takes away all the emotions and dating / connection that is the essence of making love with your partner (I call it making love after doing NoFap)

    I met my girlfriend when I was fapping to porn 1-2 times a day when I was 21.
    We started having sex and a lot of times since I wasn’t watching porno - I would lose erections easily, lasting only a minute or two of sex at a time - than fap for another few minutes, because my brain was messed up and hardwired into porno and fapping (and my confidence was crap so I was afraid she wasn’t enjoying sex)

    My gf is a good girl - she never really cared about my performance any ways and always says when I have problems during sex “it’s ok I still love you babe sex isn’t every thing” I still felt horrible - the only way I was able to climax was with her hand or mine, I was unable to hold normal erections during sex with her due to fapping and porm addiction still (yes I still fapped to porno even though I had a gf) because the porn would stimulate my brain more than sex.

    Fast forward 9 years later I’ve been with my girlfriend, little did I realize how damaging my porn addiction was and has ruined so much good years of my confidence and self esteem of my manhood. For 9 years I’ve still been fapping to porno and having mediocre crappy 5-10 minutes max of erection sex with my gf.

    I decided to give NoFap a try because I didn’t stop to think maybe the porno and fapping a lot was damaging my brain.

    I always laughed at NoFap before I tried it, I thought to myself this is probably bogus or some ones making major money off NoFap.

    Out of frustration and growing as a man and being with a woman for 9 years and wanting to give her the full pleasure she deserves, I decided I need to change within, I decided I wanted better and to keep growing as a person as well.

    I told myself - what do I have to lose?
    I’m already unhappy with my performance so I’ll just freakin give NoFap a try, I thought to myself worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t work.

    I started NoFap over 30 days ago. I stopped watching porn and fapping myself.

    My life as a man and my manhood have changed for the better ENORMOUSLY - my confidence is through the roof, my self esteem is much higher, I made love to my girlfriend the way I’ve never made love to her for 9 years, I lasted 40 minutes solid, I’ve never heard her so vocal and moaning in bed loud as hell - calling me dirty names ive never heard her call me before - I completely dominated her in bed and she loved it, I usually use to stop and fap 5-6 times when making love, but this time 40 minutes solid, and my energy was crazy.

    Not only is the making love better, my confidence, my energy, my self esteem, my girlfriends fiends started treating me differently in a good way, it’s like they feel my confidence and energy I never knew possessed before.

    This is my true story, I’ve read plenty of others hear on NoFap before I decided to give it a try.

    So I feel I should share the karma and contribute to other men struggling or having any of these same issues growing up, and hope my story will inspire, motivate and help people for the better.

    Not only is the making love / sex better, but my confidence, self esteem, interactions with woman have much more substance (it’s more an emotional connection and fun than just thinking of woman as sex objects)

    I don’t fap any more to make love with my girlfriend also - it just becomes hard on itself from normal forplay: kissing / rubbing stuff with my gf (I use to have to fap before sex to get it hard! Was not a romantic way to have sex)

    Thank you NoFap.
    I’ve had the best sex and love life in the last 30+ days than I’ve had in my 9 years of dating my girlfriend.

    Hope this story helps someone else.
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    Bro I legit started fangirling when you said you lasted 40 minutes and made her moan, I wanna shed a tear of happiness for you, good job!, I needed this inspiration.
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    Wow, man you really have super patient GF. She sticked with you more than 9 years despite nofap addiction. PMO would destroy most relationships in that frame time but yours somehow survived. I think you should marry that girl. Seriousy.
    Think now when you spend all your energy on her and dont lust on other girls, you should feel deeper connection and feel better in relationship emotionally. I can suggest 3 good books, one of them called -Keep them captivated. (Find them on same site as 10 questions)
    Anyway these 10 questions will help you go deeper in relationship -
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    Hey @Seansurf1987 thanks for sharing your story with us, it can motivate and show that is possible to reach our goals and dreams like you're doing right now. I will work really hard to make my story as succefull as your and then share it here to motivate more people like you're doing righ now.
    I am going to do it !!
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