30 days in and counting

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    Today marks 30 days of my first month, I’m 23 male based in south England in Bournemomth

    Feeling very different, I’m adjusting to it and learning to simple things yet very effective in order to make good habits instead. For example

    I will try to avoiding spending money, because I’m bad with my money even thou I make an honest wage,

    cold shower are amazing to do, been doing them for 13 days straight with no warm water, my immune system is stronger, literally wakes me up like it’s 5 in the morning

    I’ve also experienced a lot of a energy, never had I ever had this much before, everyone can sense it, one guy I know at work is Jesus because I’ve taken the spotlight like and not under his thumb as he’s my manger! I would for [email protected] ionos.

    Even girls at work and out of work make contact have made with me after a while from holding back to talk to me because my energy has shifted and now I feel like a Magnet

    Eye contact is so strong, so much better, it’s very important, I’m someone who avoided it for many years, it makes you untrusted when meeting new people and awkwardness. Many people have noticed and said. I’ve told them all it’s NoFap, they even understood why I’m doing it,

    I could name 10 more but I’ll keep it short and sweet, by changing small things in your life you will be more aligned with the person you are meant to be, for a better job, financial freedom, better relationship.
    I’m personally doing this to be more humble and to kill my inner demons, better relationships with my girlfriend, to go self employed.

    It was hard with my flatline for about 3 days but I went away, has been hard, longest I’ve got for about 11 years. I can’t help sometimes to just hold it but that’s normal, porn was hard for the first 2 weeks but after that I never thought of it again, You’ve got this, next report will be at 90 days
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    Well done mate. Good to see.
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    38 Days = Great job!

    Keep up the good work :)
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