30 days clean of PMO at the age of 15

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by SayYesToRecovery, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. SayYesToRecovery

    SayYesToRecovery Fapstronaut

    This is my 3rd reboot try, And i’ve never felt better, More confident, And stronger physically than i can be.

    On my first try i managed 16 days and failed, 2nd try 10 days and failed, But this time, I can’t say much more, Everyone around me is surprised, No one can get past 3 days, They are surprised on how i’m on my 30th day.

    Yes i get urgues, But they are weak, It can get so so strong but i can control it.

    I can feel i’m physically stronger, I can sleep for 6 hours and feel it’s enough and go a whole day without sleep, It’s too early to look for other changes too, But i can’t be happier that i managed to be here at just the age of 15.

    To all the boys, And girls out there too in the same age or around it, You can do it, It’s not hard, You just need to control it, I can look at a naked girl which has a hot body and still control it, Just saw one today and was nearly going to break it but managed to control it, There’s nothing hard, You can stop it now before it’s too late, Just try not to touch your part, And you will be fine, There’s nothing better than feeling no cramps or nothing because you didn’t masturbate the night before, And when you manage to stop, Trust me, Your puberty will be fixed and you will reach your full height potiental, Your right voice, Your hair and beard won’t be fucked up (My beard still grows in a weird pattern but i’m fine with it, It can change later on) You will just have the right body when your an adult.

    Fucking your hand won’t do you any good, What if the day after you masturbated a girl offered you a blow or a hand, And she expects a huge load and because of your addiction you got no cum even to blow out, She would see you as a boring person and to be avoided if she wants to fulfill her sexual desire, And she would probably tell others about what happened, And you will become a desperate guy looking for sex later on in life but girls think your a boring one that cums quickly and doesn’t even blow a good amount.

    And not that, Your looks, Your body, Masturbation really fucks all this shit up, When your clean and you stop all of this, You will look attracting and good-looking, and when your not, You will look not good and weird looking, So trust me, Stop it now before it’s too late, This is for everyone, Not for teens only

    Currently on the 30th day, Hoping it will continue like this
  2. SirErnest

    SirErnest Fapstronaut

    30 is very good. Well done.
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  3. Well done my young brother.
    Don't go back.Forget your past bad habits and carry on your streak.its not too late like me.its easier for you and you can do it.So stay clean.Good luck
  4. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

    That's really impressive achieving that at the age of 15, next level. Well done is the most I can say and I hope we can abstain from PM forever. BTW https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-duels-of-nofap-1v1-no-pmo-tournament-open.223686/ I created a new competition type of no PMO. If you're interested feel free to join. And for more information click on the link.
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  5. Butterfly1988

    Butterfly1988 Fapstronaut

    Keep it up! I wish my SO would’ve dealt with his problems at your age. Would’ve saved us a lot of grief..
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  6. johnrock

    johnrock Fapstronaut

    Wow dude, what a motivator! I'm 18 years but I didn't get more than 12 days, it seems kind of impossible for me.
    It's a difficult task at your age, be very proud of yourself.
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  7. @Gurdeep_Singh

    @Gurdeep_Singh Fapstronaut

    Great man keep it up , you are doing very well at the age of 15 man .I m on 18 and on my NoFap Day 45, me and my another friend are on the NoFap challenge..Now i m feeling really confident,calm and collected than i used to be.Pepole notice me more and show their interest in me.NoFap is really a life Changing thing or step we all ever taken in our lives..Keep it up man.We all gonna do it untill the day we die.God is with us..Stay fapstronaut..##Peace.
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  8. control your life

    control your life Moderator Assistant Staff Member Moderator Assistant

    congrats on 30 day pal , wow ,so young and kicking ass already ! keep it strong bud!
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  9. TimeToQuitNow

    TimeToQuitNow Fapstronaut

    Wow you got 30 on your 3rd try! That's really good! Keep it up!
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  10. SayYesToRecovery

    SayYesToRecovery Fapstronaut

    If you want to be updated on my road to success, Check out my journal on “Under 20” section, It’s called “Road to Glory”, I’m updating it daily, Today i’ll be starting day 32.
  11. bfdet

    bfdet Fapstronaut

    good job. keep going.

    one day at a time is how we all succeed.
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  12. goodnice 2.0

    goodnice 2.0 Fapstronaut

    awesome bro you had me lmao. You’re so right tho about how it will affect how you look
  13. Froger

    Froger Fapstronaut

    rlcongrats on your 30 days. Glad you are fighting this at a young age. Continue with your progress and inspire others like you. Let them know its possible at such young age.
  14. I wish I started at your age, my life would be so much different. Keep going. Good luck
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  15. Good job bro, I'll get there soon as well
  16. pcmaster

    pcmaster Fapstronaut

    Good streak at your age man ! But try to sleep at least 8 hours when you have time. Cause I remember myself when I was 23 and never slept longer than 5 hours during my streak for a month and worked 2 jobs. It ended badly.

    Anyway I suggest you don't just count day but make every day count. Try new things and live to the fullest. Now when you have all that spare energy you can do anything. Choose wisely, don't get caught doing bad things.
    As far as girls goes I suggest you be friends with girls first and then if it works go to the next base cause it easy to escalate with girls just to find out afterwards that girl is not who you been thinking she is. So get to know girls as friends to save a lot of trouble down the road.

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