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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by tIoD, Mar 30, 2018.

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    Hello fapstronauts, how are you? Sorry for possible gramatical mistakes, English is not my main language.
    Today 30th day of Nofap, if you asked me if i ever could achieve this progress, I would say No! But now, here I am.
    I have to admit that i relapsed 2 time, but without P. First time it was at night, on 7th or 8th day of nofap, I just was out of control, but after that i felt sooo bad about myself, that I definitely knew I didn't wanted to feel the same way again. Second time I was aroused, gf sent very hot nudes, soo... That's excuse? No, but maybe I can forget about those 2 times.
    So, what made me to keep my streak so far? Ofc nofap and you, dear fapstrounauts, it's so kind community, you guys are doing good thing, I've read almost all success stories, how you inspire others, inspired me, without you I would not come this far.
    Benefits? Haha, dk where to start. Common benefits that everyone mentions, like: 1. Increased confidence 2. Lower anxiety levels 3. More energy, etc. BUT, the biggest benefit is that YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF, I started to appreciate myself, I was very sceptical about myself, always pessimist, low attitude. 10-11 years i was addicted on PMO, that changed my life, it was destroying me time to time, as 20 year old guy, it was shameful for me to be addicted on P. I want do add in benefits, my eyes looks more alive, i can see that my face, my body vibration is different, every detail in everyday life feels different, I have feeling that I am alive, I have energy and I can do everything.
    Apart from nofap, I'm meditating 2 month already, I highly recommend you to do that, its wonderful thing. Also going to gym everyday, working hard, energy that i wasted on PMO, now is free and I use that energy in other things.
    I want to say lot of things but also trying to write shortread, so for 30 days, it good to not say a lot. I will write my 90th day achievement in details.
    So guys, you one who are reading this thread and you want to quit that addiction, just quit, it's not easy, it's getting harder over time, but benefits you will feel, that one moment when you look in the mirror and see the guy who could quit addiction, one who made a good decision and done that, that moment feeling you get, ooh, Trust me, It's worth it. Life is good, chase your feelings, do the right things.
    Again, sorry for bad english ((
    Peace! Wish you good luck. I'll be back! xD
  2. Jojo man

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    Congratulations on your 30 days please keep it up
  3. Kunal Singh Chauhan

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    Its jst my 7th day. So i can understand how difficult to control. I must say its ur grt achievement. Keep it up
  4. Gripseeker

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    congratulations with this big achievement! and thanks for sharing how it went for you. Hopefully I will get there soon.
  5. IronDog

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