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    Hi all! I thought I would stop by and wish everyone a Happy New Year!

    Things are going well with me. Still porn free and masturbation free. I had a small incident a couple of weeks ago because I was watching a series with my family and out of nowhere there was a very graphic sex scene. I closed my eyes and had to struggle with the images for a few days, but I managed all right! It's amazing how used we are to porn, that the damn thing has made it to the mainstream. It's so pervasive...

    Life has been nice lately. A lot of work, but can't complain about the extra money. I have continued dilation therapy as recommended by the PT.

    I also have some exciting news to share. A couple of weeks ago, my friends decided to set me up with a guy. He was acquainted with my best friend's boyfriend through a video game they play all the time. The plan was to go as a group and meet the guy because he didn't have that many nerdy friends... Well, I think my friends set us up for an actual date, because after dinner, they kinda disappeared and went to play on their own. They left us alone at the arcade.

    I was a bundle of nerves. I was trying my best not to be awkward and say something stupid. I know it was a low-pressure thing, but still, I thought he was cute and didn't want to make a fool of myself.

    We had a nice time, despite the awkwardness. We met again as a group at my best friend's apartment to play some more games. We exchanged numbers then. And we had our first official date this Sunday at a state park. We had a picnic by the lake and chatted for a while.

    I really like him. He's kind and considerate. He's also got lovely eyes and a lovely smile. I think we share similar values and interests, so I'm looking forward to our next date this Sunday...

    Meanwhile, I'm pretty much devouring everything I can on dating and flirting, coz I suck at the latter. I want to break the physical barrier on our next date, which is easier for girls to do generally, but I have never been very touchy to people I barely know even if I like them; it's hard for me to reach out and touch someone's arm playfully, for example. Trying hard not to get too nervous, but it's hard when you like someone, right?

    Anyhow, that's it for now. I hope all of you are doing amazing too.

    Hugs and kisses,
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    Oh my gosh your back!!! Good on ya for staying pmo free! Hope you kick some ass this year.
    I used to read your entries all the time last year between September to November. You don't know me, but you inspired me to finally start an account on nofap. And finally give up my addiction. I am now on day 32! So thank you, you unknowingly helped a soul out, after a rocky 2018. Hope you post some more x
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    That’s so very exciting. I’m am both proud and so happy for you. I had so much faith in you from the very beginning.

    PS ~ Do you have any idea how many people I have told to check out your very structured very beautiful calendars you've produced?
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    Wow, you're back!

    Aww! It warms my heart up to see you're in a good relationship with a good guy. I hope you're very happy! This is what you've been working towards. Really, I'm so so so very happy for you.

    I hope I can get a relationship started...although now may not be a good time, but I hope one day I get there and can be happy like you seem to be.

    Thank you for the update! Good luck on your date! :)
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    The date went amazing. We spent like 6 hours together, but time flew so fast. We went to a museum with open gardens and walked around for a bit, then had lunch at a restaurant near my place. Went out to the city center to walk around. I showed him my favorite street, which is my favorite because it has an outdoor sports store and there's a bookstore right across from it. Then we went back to my place and played some Super Smash Bros Ultimate. (No, we didn't smash, we just played Smash. Big difference!) After a few rounds, we leaned for a kiss... aaaaand we kissed!

    *Squeals like a schoolgirl*

    We'll meet again this weekend. We'll go to another museum that's hosting a festival. This time we'll go with my friends as well, so it'll be like a triple date kinda thing. I'm very much looking forward to seeing him again, he's been on my mind a lot even when we're not texting each other.

    I have noticed a shift in my thoughts as well. As I mentioned before, I don't feel the urge to look at porn anymore, but sometimes I have very sexual thoughts of things I have seen or I create a highly sexualized scene in my head. I have noticed that now I think of pleasuring him or being pleasured by him when I think of sex. I believe this is a very positive shift, even if it doesn't work out between us in the end. At least he's kind, considerate, and very real.

    Lastly, here's my schedule for the week. I haven't scheduled any daily postings here in a while because I need the extra time for other projects, but people like @GhostWriter keep telling me how helpful these are to other folks, so here ya go :D

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    My Journal
    Que gusto que la pasaste increíble en la cita!!!
    Parece que disfrutas mucho de la compañía del chico. Que bueno n_n

    Jajajajaja hasta yo me emocioné al leer lo del beso. Que bello es disfrutar de una relación sana con otra persona!
    Te deseo todo lo mejor, no solo con el chico, sino en tu vida en general.
    Mucha suerte! :)
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    :D :D :D

    That's so amazing! I'm way happy for you! I don't know what you say that will show how happy for you I'm feeling, but really, that's awesome!

    I hope you two can get in a good relationship. It's been your goal for some time now and it's coming around.

    Good luck! :D
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    Wow, I had a grin wide as an axe reading that. Is that an expression? Idk, but I had a big old grin. I'm pretty sure I squealed like a schoolgirl as well when you kissed, that's so exciting! Asides from that it reminds me about the magic that's out there in the real world. Another thing to fight for to avoid the clutches of PMO.
    Looking forward to hear more from you :)
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    this is awesome to read. Thank you for sharing, made me smile. i’m having a date next week and hopefully things turn out like how they turn out for you. I’m happy for you flying pizza. Sounds like you’re doing great. I love these stories, it’s nice to see a girls perspective on dates and guys haha
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    Reading your diary made me feel relaxed and hopeful.
    Keep it up!

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