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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by PieLover, Aug 13, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm a 24 years old guy, had my first sex experience only last year. And to my surprise it was nothing compared to what I had in mind. My penis didn't get hard enough like when I'm masterbating, and therefore couldn't do PIV. At first I thought this was only because I was virgin and it was my first time, but later that year, I met with some other girls, and the thing happened again. So I started to convince myself that the problem was with the girls, and that they were inexperienced enough to make me feel pleasure. So I went and hired prostitues, I did it like 3 times and still my penis didn't get hard enough and sometimes not hard at all, and only then I started to worry. Last week, I did an erotic massage, and I did notice that I had a good erection, but in order to have that, I needed to think of porn scenes and imagine them. But although I had a good erection, the woman couldn't finish me.
    Now, I found this site last week, and reading some articles here, I found out that I may be suffering of DGS due to loss of sensitivity, I also may have PIED/ED, because I need to think of porn to have an erection and sometimes not at all. And last but not least DE, because I never orgasm when I'm with a woman, even when I have the slightest erection.
    Now, 2 days ago, I started my challenge of no PMO. Today is my third day, I'm also writing my progress on some blog website that I will share later this week. And all this because of the success stories I read here and it motivated me to take such step. I hope one day I will be cured of these symptoms and I will be able to finally have an extremely enjoyable sex. And of course be a role model for those who also suffer from the same things and to be a motivation for them as others were for me.

    Until not long ago, I believed that each person is the slave of his own mind and desires. I'm on day #3 and I'm starting to think different. A person is not his mind only, it's his mind, soul and body.

    Now before I end up this topic, I have some questions I would like to ask.
    Does the PMO challenge also restricts having fun with someone?
    Can I still surf dating sites where I might bump into pictures of naked woman?
    Can I still flirt with women over text messages?
    Does feeling horny counts as a relapse?

    Thanks in advance. And may the the odds be in our favor.
  2. BlackKnight

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    1. No
    2. I'd advise you to not go on these sites, unless its Tinder
    3. yes
    4. No
  3. PieLover

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    Thanks :)
  4. MadHatter

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    Hey, PieLover.

    The challenge is a personal one. YOU decide what you are allowed and not allowed. What @BlackKnight wrote is pretty much my answer as well.

    I will also say that from the symptoms you described, you may find that you need a hard mode reboot, in order to figure out exactly what you are up against. Your brain needs to rewire, and you MUST give it a chance - a real chance - to get that done. If you can do it in an easier way, good for you. If not, perhaps prepare yourself for some type of hard mode, with no intentional sexual release.

    Again - this is a personal challenge. Learn what you can from others, but it is YOUR journey, not theirs.
  5. PieLover

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    You're right. Thanks for the advice.

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