24 days PMO free--no changes

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Jay-t, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Jay-t

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    hi everyone..is there something wrong with me?im 24 days in nofap and feel abs no changes.. i feel tired always..no boners, no nothing, im 29 and i have been pmo'ing since i was 12/13 yrs old..but i have seen others claim their depression is gone in 30 days and i cant see that happening..is it my thyroid? low testosterone? whats going on..or am i just a slow healer...getting worried because i see people posting all types of benefits in a shorter amount of time...

    Only thing that keeps me going is the fact that this is my longest streak ever and that hopefully the benefits will come sooner than later. I know the feeling of pmo..i dont know the feeling of what's beyond
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  2. Catondo\

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    What kind of benefits do you expect?
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  3. Uncomfortably Numb

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    We are all different... positive changes will come; just don't expect 'superpowers'.
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  4. Uphillfighter22

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    24 days is great but it will take more than that to notice changes. Depends how intense your use was, how it affected you, etc. Every person is different, every brain is different. Those amazing results in 30 days should not be seen as the norm. It's like trying to get a six pack and 21 inch arms. 24 days aint gonna cut it. You have to work on it daily and be consistent.

    I'm currently at 10 minths normal mode with no PM but it is a see-saw of emotions. What happens is you get stronger, wiser and therefore can anticipate waves that may come.
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  5. Give it time, everyone is different. Just don't give up.
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  6. AlmostRosey

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    Agree with the previous posts - give it time. This isn't something to do short-term so that you can go back to it later. This is something to keep an eye out for forever. I'm nearly at 30 days and have felt a couple of benefits such as more energy but that didn't last for long. Sometimes I feel like my energy levels are going backwards but that's ok. Some of us need to invest a lot of time in our recovery - think of all that time we spent staring at the screen, for years. We now have to turn that all around. Good luck, I'm really rooting for you.
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  7. Big Lebowski

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    I’m still healing where I’m at 24 days is only the beginning.
  8. slink123456

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    Although it is different from everyone, you need to give it more time. No PMO is both mentally and physically exhausting, because it’s effectively starving the brain of your usual stress relief. The withdrawals are horrible. Some people have anxiety so bad they think they’re gonna die. Or worse still they have panic attacks that last all day.

    The only way the shitty symptoms die down, is by doing more and more of the same. But that is much better than relapsing trust me.

    The healing process is unfortunately slow, but absolutely necessary. Keep going as you are man. Keep busy. Be the man!
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  9. Dagger323

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    I think there really should be more information on this, because I find that many fapstronauts go into this thinking they’re all going to immediately see benefits within 90 days or less. This is simply not the case, at least not for most hard core PMO addicts. If you were a frequent user for many years, you can expect your recovery to take well over six months in some cases, and for others it may even take up to a year or two to begin breaking free from post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) and begin seeing real progress. NoFap is not some quick-fix “challenge” that you can do for 90 days and suddenly be completely healed and go right back to old habits without any consequences. It is a lifestyle change among many others that must be incorporated for the long haul in order for you to reach fulfillment.
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