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    I've stepped out of the spotlight updating my NoFap journey for the past couple of months, I thought I'd make a post dedicated to sharing my 6 month achievement. Here it is.

    From the beginning...

    Prior to NoFap, I suffered with painful depressive episodes in partnership with social anxiety. Mentally, I was not well, and suicide was a thought that dominated my mind on a daily basis. I thought this is how my life is going to be for the rest of my life. Regardless of what I was doing, I was always all up in my head, living in my mind, instead of experiencing what was happening around me. I had tried many medications and received weekly counselling however didn't help me overcome my mental issues.

    Discovering NoFap...

    I came across a Recommended YouTube video with a title somewhere along the lines of 'I Haven't Fapped In 6 Months'. I was hesitant to watch it but I went ahead. It was basically a lad sharing feedback on disregarding PMO from his life, and the life changing benefits he had experienced. I do remember thinking after watching the video how I could not live without PMO, I couldn't imagine life without it. I thought, this is my last resort in an attempt to get my life back on track again, it was my best shot and only remaining shot I believe, so I began my NoFap journey as they call it.


    I officially began attempting NoFap on the 3rd January 2017. I later relapsed just 11 days later on the 14th January. I relapsed once more on the 18th January and ever since, I've been clean. I do believe anyone that is fighting a long term addiction of fapping and edging to porn will relapse a couple of times, and become stronger and learn from the relapse to retain a more powerful commitment to the process.

    The impact of porn on your life...

    We are living in a fantasy world when our mind are exposed to pornographic imagery, it alters our sexual expectations for the worse so when we come to the real experience of having sex, our expectations are amiss. Porn can largely impact one's lifestyle. Just a few of many you'll most likely experience if you PMO: you will stop enjoying the small things in life, you may lose interest in a hobby you once loved, you may feel hopeless and lonely, have a negative opinion towards most things, tired and fatigued when you have done no physical activities. If you watch porn and experience some of these for unexplainable reasons, then porn is more than likely the cause. Long term, porn causes chemical imbalances in the brain, and this is a big issue. These chemical imbalances are caused by repetition of watching porn, masturbating and then orgasming. Our brains contain a reward chemical called 'dopamine', and is responsible for making us happy and feel good. For instance, picking a winning ticket on a tombola; dopamine makes us feel happy and excited about winning a prize. Also socialising, when we talk to people, a bit of dopamine is released, which makes us feel good as we chat and have a laugh. So, as we watch porn, our dopamine levels rise and elevate to stupidly high levels that naturally they should not meet, and then once we hit climax, it comes crashing down, that's why we want to switch off porn almost instantly and feel slightly guilty or feel regretful after we've finished. Edging is extremely damaging to your brain and chemical imbalances, it severely damages the dopamine receptors; you are basically on the verge of orgasming and are prolonging the 'high' feeling from orgasming, it is very unhealthy. Over time, continuously PMOing will result in having a new baseline for your dopamine levels, lower than what it should be, and this is the reason why we feel anxious, stop enjoying small things, feel depressed and hopeless and all these awful symptoms. Why do you feel tired and fatigued when you are addicted to porn? Because your body is reproducing all that semen the following day after you PMOed last night.

    6 months no PMO...

    Well, here I am, 6 months PMO-free. My life experience is full of goodness, honestly, the best way to describe it is I feel REBORN, that's what it's like. A new me. Linking back to how I was previously to NoFap, my life was in a bad place. I could not speak to girls or approach girls, I feared them. The shameful activity I was doing every night, that is PMO, was responsible for this. I have a more 'get-up-and-go' attitude. Waking up in the morning is easier. I actually go out more than stay in. Elevated confidence. Clearer skin. Anxiety-free. I notice small things in life and they make me smile. I understand things better and more clearer. Enhanced mental clarity and no brain fog. The list goes on and on and on and on. Quitting porn is the way up and you will have an insanely more successful, healthier life without it. Us as humans are not built to withstand the impacts porn have on us. It will always drag you down so long as you keep doing it. It is unnecessary and we do not need it in our lives.

    Thank you for reading my post and stay committed, never let your guard down no matter your progress and never look back. NoFap forum is here to help you and is a great tool to use when you're struggling. Join me on the brighter side of life and QUIT PORN FOREVER.
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    Congratulations. It's nice to hear that it is possible to come out on the other side.

    I am 8 months clean and still experience debilitating symptoms like no memory, shaking hands, insomnia, dizziness, no arousal, fatigue etc. etc. I hope one day I can be where you are now.
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    U did great job. I am almost 3 weeks noFap and feel same like you. Anxiety is gone and i can easily talk with girls also i am full of energy.
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    hey man thanks for the inspiring post! I feel more educated and more determined to do this! We neglected all the "benefits" of being just normal and got our brain hacked with the stupidly high dope of dopamine for years! It'll hurt but will pay out eventually. Keep yourself occupied no matter how lame the occupation is! Cheers!

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