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  1. TotalReebootTRR

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    Hey guys, today I'm going to be starting my journey

    A few reasons why:
    - I don't like myself when I get in that state of mind. I can't control myself, and think things I would never think otherwise, and that disgust me when I think about it (Problematic Sexual Behavior)
    - I spend WAY too much time masturbating. I mean really. I could've invented the first time machine in that time.
    - I want to learn the valuable skills of self-control and self-discipline

    My most common times for M are in the morning, and at night. In the morning, I know I should just get out of bed sooner, but what about in the night? Any tips there?
    I also M during the day, but I feel as though with a little more self-motivation I'll be able to control that. With that being said, as I stated earlier I get in that mindset and lose myself. Any tips to help with that.

    I'll most likely be updating this every day, or every other day. Thanks to everybody who read this, and I'd appreciate any tips.

    A fed up 16 year old.
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  2. VulpesInculta

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    I would keep your phone out of your bedroom, and find a hobby that requires discipline.
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  3. TotalReebootTRR

    TotalReebootTRR Fapstronaut

    It's been a few days, I'll try to update more often.
    So, I failed. More than once actually. I'll try to do an mini-autopsy when I fail, and make goals for the future.

    So I failed the first time at night. I just couldn't sleep, and wasn't sure what to do.
    Solution/Goal: I tried working out at around 7:30-7:45, so I could finish at like 8:30ish, eat something good after, and then hopefully be tired to go to sleep. I'll try to do this more often, probably 3 to 4 times a week. Anybody have success doing something like this? I've seen mixed results on the internet about working out before sleep.

    The second time I failed was because I spent a lot of time studying, and used it as a break. Pretty bad break, it kinda threw me off for the rest of the time, knowing I had failed.
    Solution/Goal: Stay away from my bed while taking breaks.

    My ultimate goal right now is just to go 5 days without PMO. My record is 3, so getting past there will already be a challenge.
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  4. Schia

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    Three days is a start. Looking back, I wish I had the ability to go three days without PMO when I was your age.
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  5. stands to reason

    stands to reason Fapstronaut

    Dear young man,

    You have so much potential ahead of you. Don't give up. There is only one safe way to end sexual sin for the rest of your days. It is also a hope of mine, let go the chains of your imprisonment.

    Simple things are NOT always easy; and easy things are NOT always simple!

    RULE #1
    "Never touch your genitals, other than to urinate or bathe."

    RULE # 2
    "Immediately look away from teasing, seductive temptation."

  6. TotalReebootTRR

    TotalReebootTRR Fapstronaut

    Ok so it's been a while again, and I did not reach my goal of 3 days. I though that maybe I could try to ignore masturbation altogether, and it would go away, so I stayed off the forums to see if that would work. In case you haven't already guessed, it failed. Miserably. But I'm not going to give up. I can't stand how this manages my life.

    I tried to use this week to identify some triggers which I'll cover here
    #1: Instagram
    Solution/Goal: Delete the app. I've tried this before, but I always somehow go back to it.
    #2: Long study sessions
    Solution/Goal: I'm a very self-motivated and hard-working person, and I get nervous when I take too many breaks. However, I realize that I need to take more breaks, and take breaks where I'm being active, such as walking around.
    #3: Staying in bed too long
    Solution/Goal: When I wake up I just lie there for too long, and my mind and hands start to wander. I just have to get out of bed sooner. To do this, I'm going to start walking my dog in the morning, so that eventually if I don't get up soon enough my dog will give me a friendly reminder.

    Thank you for those who have commented on this post with motivation/tips. I'm going to sound like a broken record when I say this, but I will try to post more.

    Fed up 16 year old
  7. you are relapsing because you still value PMO and don't want to let it go, don't want to cut all connections with PMO
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  8. TotalReebootTRR

    TotalReebootTRR Fapstronaut

    I relapsed again today. I'm starting to lose hope, but I know I can't stop now. It seems like there's nothing I can do once I get urges. They just control me. At this point I'm not too sure what to do. Anybody have this same problem? What did you do when you got urges? I can't just ignore them, it's too hard.

    Too lazy to do a full autopsy today, I just relapsed so I'm pretty bummed out.
  9. nobody force you to relapse, it is not like they are holding a gun at you and you either die or fap. NO DUDE! You are not strong enough because YOU DON'T WANT TO BE STRONG ENOUGH! People are not addicted to PMO, they are obsessed with it and choose to do it themselves. IT IS NOT THE URGES THAT MAKE YOU DO PMO, IT IS YOU. The door to leave this hell is always open but people seems not wanting to leave hell, then I have no way to help them.

    Good luck on your reboot, trust yourself, believe in nofap, then turn your belief into action
  10. wanttoprogress

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    Whenever you have an urge. Open Nofap and read something in the forums. I too am a 16 years old and it's been almost 250 days since I have masturbated or watch porn.
  11. TotalReebootTRR

    TotalReebootTRR Fapstronaut

    Well, some success has come after all. Since my last Sunday post, I haven't PMO'd at all. It's easier when I'm at school, as usually it comes from boredom or something of the sort. Hopefully I can carry this through the week, but I need to come up with a plan for the weekend to stay active and not break. I'll probably just make plans with friends and work out a bit this weekend, but I think long term I'm going to get a job to keep myself active on the weekends. Perhaps I can even do some service, and boost my resume while boosting myself :)

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