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    Hey, I'm almost 15 years old, and i found NoFap on Reddit. I've been masturbating everyday since i was 12. A month ago, I was suicidal, and was clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I had been using porn for about 2 weeks before that day that i was going to commit suicide, to try to forget about everything. It really did feel good.

    I had to stay at the psych ward in the hospital for 2 weeks, and it's been 3 weeks since that. The last 3 weeks i have been masturbating twice daily, with porn both times. I feel as though this is out of control, and if i quit porn, it will help with my depression and anxiety. The longest streak i've had is only 6 days.

    How long do you think it will take me to reboot?
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    Usually my mental state started to really improve after around 4 weeks of nofap. So much you would not actually believe it. You are still very young. I think you could see a major improvement though but you have got to stick with it!

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    Dude you're so young! I wish I could have started at your age.

    First, you have to understand, when urges come, it is something from your addicted mind, not your actual mind. Thus, when the temptation comes, simply try to meditate and clear your addicted mind's thoughts. You can also take a walk outside and basically just stay away from your computer and other devices. Engage in sporting activities too if you can.

    Second, think about what made you FAP and what made you want to NOFAP. Once you have goals that are clear, it becomes more manageable than what it seems like in the beginning.

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