100 days into NoFap, The Success

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    I’m a 15 year old male
    I’m currently 101 days into NoFap (3 months and 11 days), I already wrote my success story, But i’m here now to write an inspirational story and what NoFap did to me.

    Before NoFap, I was a whole different person, Life was weird to me, Mood swings would come and go like a swing swinging at high speed, I was not confident at all, Anxious, Depressed, Just everything was happening to me.
    I’ve been into MO since i was in 11, Or at the end of the age 11 turning 12, So 4 years ago, P came along 2 years later.
    When i first got into MO, I wasn’t even in my puberty.
    But when i started MO, I thought now i’m a happy person, I can finally get the feeling of sex, I can finally do it whenever i want, But i was so wrong.
    Masturbating was always fine to me but when i was 13, I got to a point where i decided to stop, And i did, I stopped for 2-3 months, But then, I relapsed.
    That’s when everything began to go downhill, Depression, Anxiety, Failure, No Self-confidence, They all came along, I was unhappy with life, But it was still at it’s beginnings.
    The real unhappiness began in middle and late 14s, I was just done with life, I couldn’t handle, All i did for happiness was masturbation when it was the reason of my depression.
    I looked ugly, I didn’t look right, My body was so so dead because of how much semen i’m releasing and tiring my body, I was ignored by girls because of how i looked.

    Turning 15, I was still at the same thing, But not as bad as before, But girls started fading away from my life, I’m not being approached by any girl, My self-confidence got worse, Anxiety raised but then went into a dramatic fall, But i was still into PMO.
    Coming into 2019, The first 3 months were a nightmare, It was when i started and insisted to stop fapping, Even though in December i told myself i’m not PMO’ing at all in 2019, But i did, But porn wasn’t a problem anymore.
    Coming into March, I was 10 days in to NoFap, But on the 2nd day of March, I relapsed to a picture of a girl who her boobs were showing so badly that i couldn’t handle and had an explosive orgasm.
    But, That was the end, That was when i went hard, I went into hard mode and promised myself that was the last time that i’m masturbating, Because when i stop, Instead of me doing this to myself, I can get someone to do it to me and be happy, Instead of being depressed and get the same exact feelings with both.
    The first 15 days of NoFap were hell, I couldn’t handle, I wanted to do it, I want to feel the great feeling of semen shooting out, But no, I held myself strong.
    30 days into NoFap, my face turned smoother, My hair is going to what it’s supposed to genetically be and looking better, Anxiety is gone, Depression is gone, Mood swings are gone, Everything was gone, I became self-confident.
    45-60 days into NoFap, Girls started approaching slowly, My grades started to go higher, I became a better person, My physical state was way way better now.
    70-80 days into NoFap, My appetite improved, Foods that i couldn’t eat are my favorite now, Girls started to swarm me from everywhere, My grades and my mental state improved by a lot, I became a really smart person.
    90 days into NoFap, I felt i achieved a life time dream, An insane goal, I felt like i won a Nobel prize or something, I did the impossible, I managed to reboot successfully at the age of 15, Which is something probably impossible to do now, My life has improved, I’m in a way better stage in life, I look way different then what i was 3 months ago, All my girl bestfriends are like, “You look nothing like how you looked 3 months ago”,”Your looking way better now” and etc...
    Now, I’m 100 days into NoFap, 101 actually but anyway, And to be honest, Urges are hitting back, But i have no mood for masturbation, I want it done by someone, Even my body realizes now there’s no benefit in doing it by myself, This is where i know PMO is not a problem for me anymore.

    • What NoFap has taught me :
    When you reboot, You just feel you start a new stage of life, Your on a complete new level, Everything before those 90 days was a thing and now is another thing, It just feels great to stop fapping.

    A message to everyone out there, Nothing is impossible, If a 15 year old can stop fapping, Another one can, And if teens can stop it, You adults can do it, A 20 year old can, a 25, 30, 35 and etc... It’s not impossible, Set it as a life goal, Think about the things you will achieve in your life when you stop this bad habit, Think on how instead of sitting and imaging your getting sexual pleasure by someone, Someone will actually approach you and later do it for you, Think on how your physical and mental state will improve, You will become a better person, You will be inspiration, You will be an idol to others who want to stop PMO, You will be something great, You will start a new stage of life, You will be a happy person, You will be loved by everyone and have your head highest always instead of having it low because of the No Self-Confidence NoFap has built up for you, You will be a completely different person, You will really change your life and be happier, Go for it, Stop it now, It’s never too late, You can reverse the change, Wether your 15 or 50, you will be a happy person, For all the teens out there, You can stop this, Think about how when you stop this, Your puberty will not be damaged and go back to it’s normal state, Your genetically potential height, Body, Everything about you, You will be able to achieve it, And for the old ones, You will be able to achieve your life dreams later on, You will follow your dreams once you complete the first dream, You will be more self-confident about doing everything you want, I hope you all read this and take it as an inspiration, After 4 years of Fapping, I finally managed to stop, And start a new stage of my life.
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    15?! Good for you man! Geez, I can't imagine what it would've been like to try NoFap as a teenager. That's seriously hardcore.
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    Whenever you want to do something, You follow it, Even if it was digging through a mountain with a pickaxe only, You will do it and never give up, If you insist on doing it.
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    Good job. Keep going. You can do anything you set your mind to do.

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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    Boy! you did it very well at 15 age.
    Thanks for sharing your advice.
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    Wow! Well done my friend. I wish I was you when I was 15. Keep the good work up!! May God Bless you my friend!!!
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    You quit when many are getting started in their addiction. Well done. Never ever ever go back.
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    @TC10 Very inspirational story.
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    Wow good for you! Thanks for posting this.
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    It's really great to see someone so young with so much self realisation. You are setting yourself up really well for the future, good luck mate.
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    You just motivated a 19 y/o to keep going. Thanks for sharing man!
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    Congrats brother!
    When I was 15 I was fapping left right and centre everyday multiple times and I was depressed as hell.
    Huge accomplishment to achieve this at this age, especially going through puberty and all the hormones etc.

    Trust me, I am 23 and I been trying for 10+ years to stop.
    You chose the best time to stop.
    Stay strong.
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    How do you need help? I can help you out

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