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    Thanks for all you guys support and encouragement and all the self motivation links you posted in different threads. I have reached the 30 day milestone.

    I read lot of threads and forums here and noticed it wasn't only me.

    Based on my recent listening(Abraham Hicks), if your thoughts/actions (Mind) matches with your inner thoughts within you(Soul),it is called as resonance point and you feel worthy,satisfied, happy and make others happy.My family raised me with strict principles (religious and highly self disciplined, hard working) and my shyness and PMO took me in other direction to put me in a reserved,perverted mode.

    I started watching PMO since 2005( left my family for my studies) at least 4 times or whenever i get a trigger to take advantage of my loneliness.But i look for something different though. I don't prefer to go for all P but only Sc***ls, college P***s,hidden cams, and other public gr**ing videos.I used to do P 3-4 times a day or may be more on few weeks based on my triggers and loneliness. I started doing MO along with P from last year. Before that i didn't know how to M and O and i only watch P.I don't know if i have to call myself as stupid for that or lucky for staying away from MO. The reason i am here because i couldn't able to get away from it that leads to more nervousness, lot of hair loss,late night sleeps, frustration,memory loss,guilty feeling, wasn't doing anything to improve my career,more lies,losing stamina, dreams in perverted way,weak diet and the list goes on.

    I am a slim guy ( 5" 8' and 127 lbs) and i have been trying to gain 30-40 lbs muscle weight in the last 5 years but no luck( maintained the same weight). No wonder it happened because based on my recent analysis, i had less calorie intake than expected and burned more through sport activities.

    Things/changes that i am tracking so far:

    1) Hit the gym 6 days in a week with light to moderate exercise.
    2) Proper meal plan and grocery purchase for the above.
    3) Increase more social talks.
    4) Sleep on time 10-6.
    5) Pen down what changes i need to get a better today and tomorrow.
    6) Procrastination - I am slowly getting away from it. Started working on the activities that are pending in the last 3-4 months by classified as short term and long term goals.The ones i accomplished so far buying new phones, monitor the diets and calories etc.

    Here are my goals for Dec- Feb:

    1) Increase weight gain from 127 lbs to 150 lbs only through healthy food diets and muscle gain and get flat stomach.
    2) Become Pro 3.5- 4 in tennis(right now playing weekly once tournaments and i am in 3 rating).
    3) Technology Savvy( Career growth)
    4) Learn swimming.
    5) Follow the No Anger No Danger approach for solving problems.
    6) How to improve my decision making and focus to avoid procrastination.
    7) Learn spanish - at least basic level.

    EDIT: In the above mentioned,i only initiated few in the last 30 days as new things shown up - (Looking for another job,need to study a lot). Right now, i will concentrate mainly on 4 and 1 to get as best as i can.

    Thanks for reading and i will try to post my updates 2-3 weeks once. Wish you good luck and hang tight.

    with love,
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