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    #Edit : I lost once, but I never give up.

    Hi! Everyone! I’m Japanese. I am 18 years old. I start DAIKICHI’s journal!

    I was very uneasy when I started to use this cite, because I hardly spoke English with the other country people until about 2 weeks ago. However, some kind people sent me messages, so my worries have disappeared soon. Thank you very much! That said, I haven’t speak English fluently still yet. So, I may have some mistakes in grammar and spelling, please forgive me and thank you for reading if you don’t mind.

    My first journal is https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?threads/nice-to-meet-you.193695/. I stopped this journal because I was not sure enjoy keeping my journal and my journal will become so boring because I’m not good at English. When I started NoFap challenge, I became irritated. Today, I reached Day 11 no PMO. Although I sometimes feel tired, I began to enjoy my NoFap journal. So I started this journal.:emoji_grin:

    My challenge is this.

    ▶︎▶︎Get a new grip on life!
    First goal : 10 day ( It was accomplished.)
    Second goal : 1 month
    Third goal : 100 day
    Final goal : forever

    I read some success stories and some journal. It is helpful for me! Thank you.

    I had not non-Japanese friends since I logged in this cite, And users in this community is very kind! I want to talk with you more and more now. So, I start another challenge now! It’s “ Get country flags!” Yeh!

    ▶︎▶︎Get country flags!
    If I can can talk with people from other countries, I get country flag in which they live! However I have to ask question, or I can’t get flag.

    So, if you don’t mind, please tell me “I’m from bra bra. Do you have any question?”. Then, I ask you question about you or your country. Would you reply to me ? Then, I can get a flag!:emoji_flag_jp:

    Uhh, is it boring? :emoji_thinking:

    Ok! I start now! Thank you for reading!
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    Day 11.

    23:07 in Japan now. So, I’m going to sleep for today! I saw bad dream yesterday, so I hope I see good dream today.

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    Day 12.

    I got up 5:30 in the morning. I keep getting early three days! And I took a shower. I feel good now. I will keep going on!:)
  4. Hey man, welcome to nofap and good luck on your journey. I'm from the USA by the way.
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  5. Rosscoe

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    Hey man,

    I'm from Australia - It's cool how widespread this website can be with all people sharing the same goal :)

    I love what your doing with the journal, keep it up!

    Stay strong! your 10 day goal is a great step in the right direction. Never give up and show P and M who is boss!

    Keep at it :)

    and most importantly, love yourself <3

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    Thank you very much! I’l keep going on!
    And may I ask you?

    Which comics is popular in USA? MARVEL, DC comics or other?

    I have ever seen MARVEL and DC movies series, such as Avengers, Iron Man, THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA,Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-man, SPIDER-MAN, DEAdPOOL, Superman, and of course BATMAN!
  7. Both Marvel and Dc are popular here and are probably the two most popular. I am a big fan of both. :)
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    Thank you for your comment!
    Do your best too! And may I ask you?

    Would you recommend me the palace I should visit in Australia?

    I am very interested in Australia because there are many great architecture and nature! When I become adult and can get salary, I want to visit Australia! I would like to see Sydeny Opera House and Great Barrir Reef!:)

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    Great! Thank you! I can get USA flag! The first flag is USA. It is cool! And by the way, if the all hero fight at once, who do you think will win??

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    Recently, I have started to push up. Today I push up 50 times. :)Now, I want to build pectoral muscle bottom. If you know the good way, please tell me how.

    ▶︎▶︎Push up challenge!
    First goal : total 1,000 times push up
    Second goal : total 2,000 times push up
    Third goal : total 5,000 times push up
    Final goal : total 10,000 times push up

    Through building muscle, I want to be more confident person and attractive man for women. However, my goal is not becoming popular with many girls but becoming attractive for lovely woman in the future.
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  11. I am going to go with Superman. It may be the classic answer, but i think he would win.
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    Oh! Superman! It is true. I thought Thor win because his power is amazing. Thank you for your reply!
  13. Actually, they fought once in a comic crossover and superman won.
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    I didn’t know that! I want to read it, if I have chance!
  15. Yeah, its a Justice League Avengers crossover, check it out.
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    I checked it out! It is amazing! I will see it! Thank you!
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    I'm doing well with my journey, thanks for asking! :)

    The Sydney Opera House and Great Barrier Reef are great places to visit. If you are looking for warmer weather, Queensland is a great place to visit! That's where the Great Barrier Reef is! If you want somewhere colder, Sydney is great to visit, and so is Melbourne! All these places are great to visit, all full of great architecture and nature!
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    Hi! Thank you for your reply! I can get Australia Flag because of you! The second flag is Australia! It is also cool!:emoji_flag_hm:

    I checked out Queensland and Melbourne. It is very great! In particular, night city’s picture is so cool! I want to go there right now! If I become good at English more, will my trip become great? or is there Australia language?
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    6:00 AM in Japan. My new day is start! I will push up and study hard! Every one in Europe, have a good night!:)

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    Day 13.

    I make this post for me in the future. I keep positive now, but sometimes fell bad. So, I write this for my future self not to forget my determination. If I fell doing PMO, I will come back here.

    Don’t you remember the decision you have made!?
    Don’t you remember the support they gave you!?

    You should be grateful for all comments and likes you have received!!
    Close your eyes, take deep breaths and ask you.
    Don’t you think you want to be strong?

    My next goal is 1 month NoFap. Recently I read some success stories and journal whose accomplish around 20-40 days NoFap. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    These are around 20-40 success stories I read. It will be helpful for you too.

    Fellowbrother’s Success story
    Porn no more’s Success story
    Theworthywait’s Success story
    Retro Girl’s journal
    Newgirl’s journal (It is not success story but helpful for you.)

    Thanks a lot.
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