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I'm available, annointed though brought low and enriched in all knowledge Mar 30, 2019

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      I'm available, annointed though brought low and enriched in all knowledge
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    Reset a few times. Offline for a spell. I hit a vast chasm of emtiness and utter loss for how to proceed... one thing is my utter lack of concern for the 18+ girls in porn who are not going to be happy with their decision. 200 dollars an hour?! Its the biggest money in the world multi billions! A 'girl' performer should receive 30,000 dollars per video to be fair realistically. They are being treated like tissue paper both on and off camera and when they grow old at 24 they are discarded as they were in the beginning with nothing to show for their exploits except feeling like the buggest whore in the world and foolish and I never once thought about them, just myself, just my dick, just lust... well the sex trade industry kidnaps young girls, how young, pretty damn young idk... they are forced into prostetution and over time they accept their new life having no rational alternative. This is another face of one entity that rules this emworld and holds many in its employ and among those with straight jobs they too are oppressed and participate and are culpable in all of it as an end user. If no one patronized porn it would stop! If no one employed prostetutes black market sex trade would stop.

    Its a bit heavier a temptation than we thought.
    The beatles are on record for John Lennon saying,"right now were more popular than Jesus"
    Utterly constrained by denial the community of which he spoke decried the Beatles afterwords as if he had said "we are better than Jesus. Follow us."
    But so blind was their blindness to the.selves and their own idolatry which was not the beatles sin that they didnt realize how utterly emphasised, by their reaction, their idolatry would be despite their refusal to admit it instead they proclaimed it to all generations!

    Has denial cost you more than you were willing to spend?


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