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I never gave up in my life, and now will never give in again, I have no option left. This is not a choice but a compulsion. Will never get influenced with the outer world again, will be conscious about my own journey and upon myself, my own peace, my own commitments. Will never expect anything from anyone, because I forget that people are humans not God. I'm starting up again, with just Me, Myself & I, my commitment, my ego and my own respect towards myself. The heart of a Martial Artist, the soul of a Yodha, the disciple of the Great Warrior Lord Shri Ram.... This month I have to continue as it is as I'm from the past 20 Days, July has to bring sunshine for me, July has no options left, and I have no excuses left within me, I will not face my August birthday again being a coward, I will step in my Life's another year being a conqueror, just like I was earlier. Pray & bless for me guys, it means everything to me....
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very well self esteem analysis
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sav vy
Keep up man don't give up.
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Dimsum1234 more_vert
All the best in your pursuit.
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Harsh Kumar
Inspiring for me, brother.
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